ViryaNet to integrate utilities service hub with Miner & Miner's outage response product

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SOUTHBOROUGH, MA, July 28, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ViryaNet, a leading provider of integrated mobile and Web-based software applications for workforce management and field service delivery, and Miner & Miner, a Telvent company, today announced that they intend to integrate the ViryaNet Service Hub for Utilities and Miner & Miner's Responder Outage Management System (OMS) products to provide integrated crew management for outage restorations and repairs in the field. The two companies intend to reveal the first stage of the integrated products at the ESRI Users Conference in San Diego, CA, July 24 through 31, 2005.

Responder is a GIS-hosted OMS that leverages .NET and ASP technology to enable trouble call and outage incident management in a scalable and configurable environment. The Responder Trouble Call Analysis (TCA) Engine uses an iterative prediction algorithm to determine which interruptible network device caused an outage. The display utilizes ESRI's ArcGIS, and allows utility personnel to have a spatial view of the locations of trouble calls, enabling analysis of outages and immediate dispatch of crews.

ViryaNet Service Hub for Utilities is a complete workforce management system. It receives work orders from external systems, schedules appropriate engineers, sends all relevant data to the mobile devices, and returns updated data from the field to the external systems. The solution provides the ability to oversee distributed field staff and other resources, including internal employees and subcontractors, through a universal scheduling and dispatch approach.

The integrated products will enable utilities to easily visualize and predict where outages occur and dispatch crews in an optimal way to maximize resources and minimize network downtime. Dispatchers and call center staff quickly can see the status of incidents, and provide estimated restoration times to customers.

"This effort illustrates one of the key concepts behind Responder, which is to provide an open platform that can integrate within the existing IT infrastructure and multiply the business benefits available to the customer. Integration with ViryaNet Service Hub will enable users to take advantage of very advanced scheduling and dispatching and crew management functionality from an industry leader," says Jeff Meyers, president of Miner & Miner.

"The integrated Responder and Service Hub products will provide utility companies a comprehensive solution that addresses the management of the entire restoration cycle, from initial outage, to personnel scheduling, to problem resolution, to follow-up field reporting," said Paul V. Brooks, president and CEO, ViryaNet. We are very pleased with results to date from our relationship with Miner & Miner, and anticipate a long, mutually beneficial relationship."

Miner & Miner ( is a world leader in the development and implementation of GIS software for utilities. M&M's ArcFM Solution and its extended services assist electric, gas, water, and wastewater utilities in increasing productivity, lowering costs, and improving services by allowing them to effectively manage spatial information. Founded in 1946 as a full-service electrical engineering firm, M&M has been a business partner of ESRI since 1987. This partnership has enabled M&M to become the world's leading developer of ArcGIS applications for the utility industry. M&M services include implementation and customization of software to fit the needs of individual utilities.

Telvent (, the global information technology company, specializes in high value-added solutions for four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and Environment) in Europe, North America, Latin America and China.

ViryaNet ( is a provider of software applications that improve the quality and efficiency of an organization's service operations. ViryaNet's flagship product -- the award-winning ViryaNet Service Hub -- combines the power of the Internet, the freedom of wireless technologies, and the resources of ViryaNet's deep service expertise to help companies improve workforce scheduling, dispatching, and activity reporting; customer contract and entitlement automation; and asset, logistics, and depot repair management. Customers in the utility, telecommunications, grocery and retail, and other industries use ViryaNet Service Hub to transition complex service business processes into a manageable, scalable Internet operation, with the goal of increasing service revenues, decreasing service costs, and maximizing customer satisfaction.


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