Whitewater Technology Group acquires cutting-edge water management firms

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• Company will provide advanced water utility solutions in the fields of security, monitoring, drilling and management for municipalities in the US as well as Europe and other developed countries

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 19, 2008 -- The Whitewater Technology Group -- founded in 2006 by two high-profile figures, Ori Yogev and Hana Gertler -- is focused on the achievement of a comprehensive solution for one of mankind's most critical concerns -- the uninterrupted supply of sufficient amounts of clean, safe water. Based in Israel -- a country long recognized as a leader in the field of water management -- Whitewater has access to today's most advanced water technologies, for which there is a rapidly increasing global demand. Whitewater will leverage Israel's immense capabilities -- creating a technological powerhouse through the ongoing identification, nurturing, investment, and acquisition of selected, cutting-edge Israeli companies.

Targeting the water utility industry, these companies develop new concepts, models and systems in the areas of water security, monitoring and early warning, water controllers, and water drilling -- enabling the delivery of a steady stream of advanced solutions to municipalities and water authorities in the US, as well as in Europe and other developed areas.

Whitewater's significant efforts in meeting the urgent and critical needs of the water utility industry have already borne fruit, as can be seen by early sales in the US, as well as recognition by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and certification of a number of its products. The Group's decades of experience and globally recognized expertise -- together with the assemblage of top-tier companies and their cutting-edge technologies under one roof -- enables the provision of comprehensive, strategic, or pinpoint solutions, as needed to precisely match municipality requirements.

To date, the Whitewater Group has acquired the following companies: Whitewater Security (water security), Galcon Computerized Control Systems (water controllers), Checklight (monitoring), and Whitewater Well (water drilling). Whitewater will exhibit its innovative solutions at the Weftec exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, October 18-22, 2008.

Water Security
Israel is globally respected for its technological prowess in the field of security -- as well as for its water technologies. As one of the few countries in the world with proven expertise in both, Israel's water security solutions are in great demand in the post 9/11 world. Whitewater Group's focus on security is reflected in its Advisory Board, which includes leading figures in the field, and through the extensive activities of its subsidiary, Whitewater Security.

The company's technologies not only prevent terror attacks, but also assist municipalities in the aftermath of natural disasters such as earthquakes -- warning of chemical pollutants in order to decrease health risks and lower the costs associated with the contamination of water supply systems, whether deliberate or accidental.

Whitewater Security also assists municipalities in the US, Europe, and other developed nations by sharing its expertise in areas such as security program development, utility measurement and self- assessment, monitoring and identifying contagents, sensor improvement and early warning detection, analysis of pipe transfer of water contaminants, risk evaluation of contaminated drinking water, water utility operation, strategy development and planning for emergency backup and crisis situations.

Monitoring and Early Warning
Among Whitewater's offerings are the rapid, exceptionally sensitive bioassays developed by CheckLight. These sophisticated solutions use non-pathogenic luminous marine bacteria as sensors in the monitoring of water quality. The breakthrough technology delivers bioassays that enable long-term storage, are sensitive to very low concentrations of a wide range of chemical agents, and provide reliable and consistent results in field conditions, within minutes. This is the only company in the world that offers broad spectrum bio monitoring of drinking water. Its solutions are sold to early adaptors in cities considered leaders in the field of municipal water utilities, such as New York, San Francisco, and Cincinnati. The technology, which is superior both in detection capability and cost-effectiveness, may become a global industry standard. At the Weftec exhibition, Whitewater will showcase a revolutionary new automatic system, certified by the EPA, that provides electronic monitoring and online capabilities.

Water Controllers
Whitewater's irrigation control solutions, developed by Galcon Computerized Control Systems, are sold to 43 countries around the world, enjoying a global reputation for excellence. Targeted to the municipal water utility sector -- products are not standalones, but rather are part of complete, comprehensive systems. Solutions for municipal irrigation include a central control system that manages the irrigation of wide areas (e.g., universities, hotels, public parks, etc.), via a single wireless computer. These cutting-edge, computerized systems can be adapted to hothouses as well as to any size field, meeting even the most complex irrigation demands.

Well Drilling
Whitewater provides two main products in the area of well drilling. Developed by Whitewater Well, both solutions are unique in the world, were created for Mekorot -- Israel's water company, and are sold to cities in the US, such as Las Vegas, Tucson, and Santa Fe. The Drip Master is an active vertical lineshaft oil lubrication control and monitoring device for vertical turbine pumps. The system extends the life of lineshafts, prevents costly and time-consuming repairs, and decreases well contamination. Operating under extreme weather conditions, it is installed at hundreds of wells in the US and around the world. The Sand Master is a unique tool that automatically measures sand content in well water, separates particles, and generates alarms when sand concentration rises above acceptable levels. An innovative new standalone portable kit for well drilling will be introduced at the Weftec exhibition.

The Whitewater Technology Group is an international company based in Israel and focused on solutions for the growing global water crisis.


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