West Basin Municipal Water District renews professional services agreement with United Water

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• Parties sign new 5-year agreement for comprehensive operations and maintenance of internationally acclaimed water recycling program

EL SEGUNDO, CA, Aug. 24, 2009 -- United Water, one of the leading providers of water and wastewater services in the nation, today announced the signing of a new five-year agreement with the West Basin Municipal Water District to operate and maintain the District's Edward C. Little Water Recycling Plant and four satellite facilities, which together comprise the largest water recycling operation of its kind in the United States..

"This is truly an exciting day for both the West Basin Municipal Water District and United Water," said Tony Harding, chairman of United Water. "We have been partners for 15 years in an effort to preserve potable water supplies in southern California. In fact earlier this year we celebrated a milestone together by reaching the 100 billion gallons of recycled water served mark, since the inception of the program in 1995."

"Our partnership saves more than precious potable water supplies in a drought prone region, though," said Harding. "We also contribute to good environmental stewardship by reducing wastewater discharged to the Santa Monica Bay."

The Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility has the capacity to produce 50 million gallons a day of recycled water for use in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and irrigation applications. The plant can also produce up to 12.5 million gallons a day of barrier water for use in protecting South Bay's coastal groundwater reservoirs against saltwater intrusion from the Pacific Ocean.

"We're extremely proud to continue our highly-valued partnership with United Water," said Edward C. Little, president of West Basin's board of directors. "Our first priority together will be to continue to work towards replacing half of the region's imported potable water with recycled water to ease the demand for a scarce water supply from Northern California and the Colorado River. Since our supply is dependent on two imported sources, water conservation and water recycling have become a way of life in Southern California. That's all the more reason for us to use and reuse water wisely."

The Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility was recognized by the National Water Research Institute in 2002 as one of only six National Centers for Water Treatment Technologies. The plant is the only treatment facility in the country that produces five different qualities of "designer" or custom-made recycled water that meet the unique needs of West Basin's municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

The five types of designer water include:

• Tertiary Water (Title 22) for a wide variety of industrial and irrigation uses;
• Nitrified Water for industrial cooling towers;
• Softened Reverse Osmosis Water: Secondary treated wastewater purified by micro-filtration (MF), followed by reverse osmosis (RO), and disinfection for groundwater recharge;
• Pure Reverse Osmosis Water for refinery low-pressure boiler feed water; and
• Ultra-Pure double pass Reverse Osmosis Water for refinery high-pressure boiler feed water.

About United Water
United Water is one of the nation's leading water and wastewater services providers to over 7 million people in 26 states through the dedication of its 2,600 employees. In addition to owning and operating 20 regulated utilities, United Water operates 240 municipal systems through public-private partnerships and contract agreements, including three of the nation's largest water and wastewater contracts: Indianapolis, IN, Gary, IN and Jersey City, NJ. The company's affiliate, Utility Service Company, provides water tank asset management services to over 2,000 municipal and industrial clients under long term contracts. Founded in 1869, United Water is a subsidiary of the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.

Natural resources are not infinite. Each day, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and its subsidiaries deal with the challenge to protect resources by providing innovative solutions to industries and to millions of people. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT supplies drinking water to 76 million people, provides wastewater treatment services for 44 million people and collects the waste produced by 60 million people. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has 65,400 employees and is present on five continents. It is a world leader exclusively dedicated to water supply and waste removal services. In 2008, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, a subsidiary in which GDF SUEZ has a 35% stake, achieved sales turnover of €12.4 billion ($17.6 billion USD). To find out more visit: www.suezenvironnement.com. http://www.suez-environnement.com


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