Seattle seawall construction begins, marking major infrastructure milestone

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SEATTLE, WA, Nov. 20, 2013 -- On Monday, Nov. 18, construction began on the Elliott Bay Seawall in Seattle, Wash., marking a major milestone in one of the city's most critical infrastructure projects.

The project will replace the existing seawall with a structure that meets current safety and design standards. It will also serve as the foundation for Seattle's future waterfront as well as support and protect major utilities including power, regional telecommunications, gas, sewer, and water. Further, it will concentrate efforts into preserving the future features of the Waterfront Seattle Program.

During the first week of work, the traveling public, waterfront visitors, businesses, and residents can anticipate mobilization of equipment and materials, removal of parking beneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and installation of safety fencing to protect the public from moving equipment. Construction will initially focus on building a new roadway beneath the viaduct between Madison and Pike streets as well as continued utility relocations, particularly near the Seattle Aquarium. The new road will serve as the primary north/south vehicular route while the new seawall is built and will be constructed over the next four to six weeks.

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