Infrastructure improvements totalling $239M completed across PA state

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BRYN MAWR, PA, Dec. 9, 2013 -- Major water infrastructure improvements totalling $239 million have recently been completed across the state of Pennsylvania.

The projects were carried out by Aqua Pennsylvania (Aqua), a company serving approximately 1.4 million people in 31 counties throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This year's program followed the company's 2012 capital program, which included $259 million in similar improvements throughout the region. 

Aqua President Steve Tagert said the largest part of the company's investment was used to replace aging water mains throughout the state. "A large part of our operations are in older areas of the Commonwealth where some of our oldest water mains are located. That's why more than half of the dollars spent (approximately $135 million) was used to replace 136 miles of old pipe."

Tagert said that the $135 million included the replacement of associated service lines and hydrants as well. "As we replace mains, we also replace everything associated with the main including valves, hydrants and the service lines, which carry the water from the main to the curb." Further, he claimed that while most of the program targeted aging water mains, other Aqua improvements included upgrades to water treatment and water storage facilities as well as its wastewater treatment facilities and collection systems.

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) fifth Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment identifies investments needed over the next 20 years for thousands of miles of pipes and thousands of treatment plants, storage tanks and water distribution systems, which are all vital to public health and the economy. The national total of $384 billion includes $247.5 billion to replace or refurbish aging or deteriorating lines.

Aqua Pennsylvania has six operating divisions throughout the state. For more information, visit


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