Partnership to support POWER-GEN Middle East, WaterWorld Middle East conferences

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Jan. 6, 2014 -- Aligned with its commitment toward Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA) has formed a strategic partnership with PennWell Corporation in support of the upcoming POWER-GEN Middle East and WaterWorld Middle East conferences to be held in Abu Dhabi.

The strategic partnership is part of ADWEA's commitment toward providing the guidance and collaboration needed to enable the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to reach its full potential. Bringing together local, regional and international experts, the conference will focus on providing solutions aimed at enhancing the sustainability and management of the power and water industries.

"As the UAE Government focuses great attention on conserving resources, increasing the operational efficiency of power plants, and reducing carbon emissions to protect the environment for future generations, ADWEA is committed to identifying best practices and sustainable solutions to ensure Abu Dhabi has water and electricity needed to continue thriving," said Abdulla Al Nuaimi, director general of ADWEA. "We are confident that the POWER-GEN Middle East and WaterWorld Middle East conferences will enable ADWEA and similar organizations to identify solutions for the management and sustainability of vital resources in the UAE and the region."

Demand for potable water is expected to double. Three major desalination projects are currently in the works, but increased water demand will mean further capacity is needed. Plans have been set out to use new technologies and reduce water losses by 10 to 15 percent by 2030. Further, four major wastewater treatment works in Abu Dhabi have been commissioned to replace and expand the capacity of the existing plants, which are coming to the end of their working lives. WaterWorld Middle East aims to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge that will foster a commitment to sustainable management of the region's most vital commodity.

A Pennwell and Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority partnership was formed to support Abu Dhabi's POWER-GEN Middle East and WaterWorld Middle East conferences.

Tom Freyberg, conference director of WaterWorld Middle East for PennWell added, "This partnership will enable our regional and international participants to learn how the provision of water services is improving in Abu Dhabi and across the wider MENA region. This is as a result of ADWEA focusing on the development of policies and the implementation of advanced technologies to ensure efficient and sustainable water resource management and distribution."

To meet the estimated 6- to 10-percent annual surge in demand for power, which is around eight GW of additional capacity, GCC countries are projected to invest more than $300 billion in some 20 energy projects by 2020, placing the Middle East as one of the most dynamic power sectors in the world. Further, POWER-GEN Middle East will provide a gateway for innovative organizations to establish a strong market presence in the region and a platform for decision makers to hear about innovative solutions aimed at addressing increased demand and rapid industrial development.

With the region also constantly facing challenges including and related to wastewater management and cost-inhibitive desalination projects, WaterWorld Middle East aims to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge that will foster a commitment to sustainable management of the region's most vital commodity.

Nigel Blackaby, event director at PennWell, said, "ADWEA's leadership in the marketplace makes them the right partner for this event aimed at enhancing sustainability across the region. This year's participants will clearly benefit from the guidance to be provided by ADWEA's leadership team through their commitment to setting standards in power and water management and conservation."

The upcoming POWER-GEN Middle East and WaterWorld Middle East Conferences will be held Oct. 12-14, 2014, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi. For additional information about these two conferences, visit and

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ADWEA administers the implementation of privatization in the sector. ADWEA’s privatization model has successfully attracted foreign investment for all nine of the privatization projects we have completed in a little over a decade. ADWEA has secured Abu Dhabi’s water and electricity needs for years to come; even as Abu Dhabi continues to develop its 2030 Vision. For more information, visit


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