Ethernet remote I/O

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Ethernet remote I/O

Schneider Electric's Modicon Quantum Ethernet Remote I/O brings determinism to critical industrial processes that require precise control. The network architecture is a self-healing daisy chain loop that can recover from one break in the network in 50 ms or less. If the remote I/O racks are no farther than 100m from their neighboring devices, Ethernet switches are not required, reducing the investment required to implement the solution. Using Ethernet for remote I/O communications eliminates proprietary networks and the additional time and resources required to maintain them.

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North Carolina announces first LEED Platinum elementary school

Northside Elementary School in Chapel Hill, N.C., has earned LEED Platinum certification with the Green Building Certification Institute, representing the first LEED Platinum elementary school in North Carolina.


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Archer Daniels settles CWA violations at five large oil storage plants across U.S.

Archer Daniels Midland Company has agreed to settle allegations of Clean Water Act violations at five different large oil storage facilities across the United States.  

USDA grants $9.7M to 73,000 rural Californians affected by drought

USDA has announced that it is providing $9.7 million in emergency water assistance to 73,000 residents in 11 counties throughout the state of California experiencing the driest year on record.