Ethernet remote I/O

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Ethernet remote I/O

Schneider Electric's Modicon Quantum Ethernet Remote I/O brings determinism to critical industrial processes that require precise control. The network architecture is a self-healing daisy chain loop that can recover from one break in the network in 50 ms or less. If the remote I/O racks are no farther than 100m from their neighboring devices, Ethernet switches are not required, reducing the investment required to implement the solution. Using Ethernet for remote I/O communications eliminates proprietary networks and the additional time and resources required to maintain them.

Schneider Electric

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Louisiana added to EPA assessment of nation's coastal waters

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has received $485,000 from the EPA to test water quality along the state's Gulf Coast. The sampling results will contribute to EPA's National Coastal Conditions Assessment.

USDA announces up to $99M in funding for Sandy recovery in three states

The USDA will provide up to $99 million in conservation funding to assist Hurricane Sandy victims in the states of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. The funding will be used to enroll 671 acres of hurricane-damaged property into permanent floodplain easements and more.

APWA appoints president, names new, re-elected board members

The American Public Works Association has elected Larry Stevens, P.E., PWLF, project director for the HR Green, Inc. in Johnston, Iowa, as president of the company.

First CSIA-certified controlled system integrator approved in Africa

The Control System Integrators Association announced it has certified a control system integrator company in Africa, demonstrating its commitment to promoting the highest standards in business and management in the automation industry around the world.