N2O sensor

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The new nitrous oxide (N2O) sensor from Unisense enables online measurement and process control of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants. Recent studies show that N2O emission may account for up to 80% of total carbon footprint from certain plants and that substantial and cost-effective reductions could be obtained through optimization of nitrification and denitrification process management. Until recently, pricey and vulnerable off-gas measurements limited N2O measurements to scientific research purposes, but the simplicity and durability of this sensor enables plant managers themselves to start monitoring and reducing their nitrous oxide emission.


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Earth Day 2014: USDA supports rural water quality projects in 40 states, Puerto Rico

The U.S. Department of Agriculture celebrated Earth Day 2014 by announcing record support for numerous projects across the U.S. that will improve water and wastewater services for rural Americans and benefit the environment.

Earth Day 2014: American Water continues focus on creating green cities

In commemoration of Earth Day 2014, American Water continues to strive toward creating green cities throughout the United States.

TX wastewater dept to upgrade distribution infrastructure with asset management solution

The City of Denton Wastewater Department in Texas has chosen Innovyze's InfoMaster Sewer software to help manage the replacement and rehabilitation of its underground distribution infrastructure.

Briefs filed in Chesapeake Bay TMDL appeal defend court ruling, watershed approach

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies filed a brief with the U.S Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit supporting EPA's Total Maximum Daily Load for the Chesapeake Bay.