N2O sensor

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The new nitrous oxide (N2O) sensor from Unisense enables online measurement and process control of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants. Recent studies show that N2O emission may account for up to 80% of total carbon footprint from certain plants and that substantial and cost-effective reductions could be obtained through optimization of nitrification and denitrification process management. Until recently, pricey and vulnerable off-gas measurements limited N2O measurements to scientific research purposes, but the simplicity and durability of this sensor enables plant managers themselves to start monitoring and reducing their nitrous oxide emission.


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Parsons honored for completion of AZ county wastewater reclamation plants

Parsons was honored by Pima County, Ariz., at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its work on the Regional Optimization Master Plan, including the completion of both wastewater reclamation facilities projects Tres Rios and Agua Nueva in Tucson.

Ontario WWTPs adopt new stators to increase pump life

Hamilton, Ontario has implemented new stators for its wastewater treatment plants as a means to increase pump life in the facilities.

Sewage, water pollution in Niagara River to be reduced with approved plan

The Buffalo Sewer Authority's plan to reduce the amount of sewage and stormwater runoff that flow from the city of Buffalo, N.Y.'s combined sewer system has been approved by EPA and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Partnership to help distribute Veolia water/wastewater systems in Middle East

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has signed a partnership with Corys Environment to promote water and wastewater systems developed in UAE and the Emirates of Dubai in particular.