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Volume 16, Issue 8
  • Case Studies

    • City Uses Transit-Time System for Lift Station
      The City of Charleston considered a number of flowmeter technologies to help monitor flow through a 32 inch ductile iron discharge line at the Patrick Street Lift Station before selecting a transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter for the application.
    • Rural Water System Lowers Operating Costs with AMR
      The Brown County Rural Water Association (BCRWA), which serves most of Brown County, Ohio, has lowered operating costs and enhanced its finances through the installation of an automatic meter reading (AMR) system that incorporates a new generation of high accuracy water meters.
  • Feature

    • Products and Services: Detectors, Monitors, and Recorders
      Detectors, Monitors, and Recorders
    • Products and Services Feature: Meters and AMR
      Products and Services Feature: Meters and AMR
    • Milwaukee Wins Energy Management Award
      An energy management program that saved nearly $2 million a year in energy costs has been awarded the Innovative Energy Management Award as part of the Third Annual Energy Efficiency Forum (EEF).
    • NAS Plans Review of Biosolids Risks
      The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has proposed a study to review the science behind the federal government's laws on applying biosolids to land.
    • NIOSH Recommendations Address Safety for Class B Biosolids Workers
      The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has released a report on the hazards of working with Class B biosolids, and recommends that workers use good personal hygiene practices and personal protective equipment to minimize exposure to residual microorganisms in Class B material.
    • Procurement Policy Helps Trim Energy Costs
      In March 1998, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) awarded an operation, maintenance, and management contract for its facilities to United Water. The 10-year contract will result in $140 million savings over the term and has already contributed to a 16 percent rate decrease.
    • Water World Showcase
      VoV Enterprises offers flow control valves for injection wells. The units are PLC/SCADA controlled hydraulically actuated valves for aquifer storage and recovery, groundwater recharge, water banks, salt water barrier wells and groundwater remediation. Sizes are 4", 6", 8", and 12". The valves install in the column pipe and sit below the static water level or the draw down level created during pumping. The valve controls the flow rate and mounding while eliminating cascading of water that causes
    • Automated Decanter Helps SBR Performance
      The decanter is a key piece of equipment within a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system, removing clarified effluent from the basin during the decant phase of the operational cycle.
    • Cleaning Technology Advances Improve UV Performance
      Treatment and disinfection of wastewater is routinely practiced as a means of protecting both the environment and public health. During the past 20 years ultraviolet (UV) technology has become accepted as an alternative to chemical disinfection. The main drivers for acceptance of UV disinfection are the public concern for safety and an increased awareness of the impact of chemical disinfectants on the environment.
    • Company Offers Dual-Impeller Aerator System
      When asked to recommend a 3.0 mgd EIMCORegistered CarrouselRegistered System oxidation ditch layout for a narrow site, 120 feet wide by 235 feet long, bordered on one side by a rock cliff and on the other by a railroad track, Baker Process selected EIMCO's dual-impeller aerator for the project.
    • Company Features New Disc Filter System
      USFilter's Kruger Products now offers disc and drum filters developed by Hydrotech of Sweden and used at thousands of installations internationally. The disc and drum filters offer a small footprint useful for a variety of applications, including effluent polishing.
    • Component Checklist
      The following list will serve as a chemical feed installation and component checklist for municipal water and wastewater workers. Reviewing this list before meeting with metering pump vendors will help ensure that all requirements are addressed.
    • DO Sensor Features Replaceable Membrane Cartridge
      GLI International has introduced a Ross Cell Technology dissolved oxygen sensor that features a replaceable membrane cartridge. The sensor addresses the inherent measurement problems of electrode contamination, electrolyte depletion, and membrane coating found in some other systems.
    • In-House Inspection, Cleaning Program Saves Regional Sewer Authority Money
      The Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority (WCRSA) has seen many changes since its inception in 1925. The Authority is a governmental, non-profit agency that is governed by nine board members who are appointed by the governor and currently employs a staff of 190.
    • Modular Cover Brings Clarity to Water Reuse Pond
      Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority in Schertz, Texas, just north of San Antonio, had a problem with algae growth at its water reuse facility. To combat the problem, the authority decided to install a cover over its reuse pond.
    • New Valve System Helps Fight Tank Stagnation
      The Red Valve Company has developed a way to use its check valve technology to improve water quality in distribution-system reservoirs.
    • Plant Turns to a Membrane Bioreactor for Phosphorus Removal and Expansion
      The Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWWA) operates the Lone Tree Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) on the outskirts of Denver, Colo. The plant installed membrane technology to achieve phosphorus discharge limits of < 0.2 mg/L and expand capacity in a "Just-in-Time" strategy to reduce current and future capacity expansion costs.
    • Reuse System Features PAC Treatment Step
      In the early 1980s, the residents of El Paso, Texas, watched water levels in their aquifer decline year after year, threatening long-term drinking water supplies to El Paso and neighboring communities. To help counter the problem, the city constructed the Fred Hervey Water Reclamation Plant to provide treated wastewater for water reuse and aquifer-recharge programs.
    • Segmented Shaft Pump Solves Space Problems
      At a recent technical seminar on the advantages of using deep sumps to minimize floor space within plant walls, engineers from Vanton Pump Co. described the installation of a 12-foot-tall thermoplastic pump in an area where the available headroom above the top flange of an in-ground storage tank was slightly more than seven feet.
    • Tests Examine Aerator's Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
      An independent comparison of three major surface aerators has shown the Aqua Turbo® unit, from Aquaturbo Systems Inc., to be more efficient in oxygen transfer and to have lower maintenance needs.
    • Tips for Sizing, Selecting Chemical Metering Pumps
      Chemical metering pumps and chemical feed systems must function under a variety of harsh conditions. Among the more demanding environments is the municipal potable water and wastewater treatment plant.
    • WEF Exhibitors: Product guide [1/6]
      Patterson Pump offers a line of high-performance pumps for water and wastewater duties. The ISO 9001 certified company manufactures pumps designed to lower maintenance costs and decrease downtime. The variety of pump products include industrial and commercial, horizontal and vertical centrifugal, non-clogging waste and sewage, axial and mixed flow for flood control and irrigation, multi-purpose vertical turbine, municipal vertical turbine, end suction, general service, and pre-packaged pump syst
    • Wef Exhibitors: Product guide [2/6]
      part 2 of 6
    • Wef Exhibitors: Product guide [3/6]
      part 3 of 6
    • Wef Exhibitors: Product Guide [4/6]
      part 4 of 6
    • WEF Exhibitors: Product guide [5/6]
      part 5 of 6
    • WEF Exhibitors: Product guide [6/6]
      part 6 of 6
    • New Spectrophotometer Features Touch Screen
      Hach's new Odysseytrademark DR/2500 Laboratory Spectrophotometer works with the company's reagent systems to provide users with an analyte readout of constituents in water samples.
    • Chemical Treatment Helps Control Roots
      Root control, eliminating root intrusion in sewer and storm lines, is an ongoing problem for cities across the country.
  • Automation Technology

    • Hydraulic Model Helps Save Money on Sewer System
      A hydraulic capacity analysis is helping the city of South San Francisco save money on improvements to its aging sewer system by pinpointing the biggest bottlenecks. By knowing where the most serious deficiencies are, city decision makers can identify the improvements that will have the greatest effect on increasing the system's capacity.
  • iWater Report

  • New Literature

    • New Literature
      Sealing products...Battery maintenance ...Pump parts...WEF catalog...
  • New Products

    • New Products
      Global Water's weather station is a fully integrated, computer-based station for monitoring and reporting all weather conditions. The station includes a datalogger for wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and humidity. Other sensors available are barometric pressure, solar radiation, rain, level, etc.
  • News Briefs

    • News Briefs
      Citing the health risks and cost of treating drinking water for the commonly used pesticide atrazine, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to better protect drinking water sources from pesticide pollution.
  • Product Focus

    • Fitting Features 'One Bolt' Installation
      A company has developed a new method for securing fittings for ductile iron and PVC pipe using a compression O-ring system that can be secured with just one bolt.
    • New Membrane System Designed for Small Communities
      Pall Corp. has introduced a new line of AriaSM water treatment systems specifically designed to meet the requirements of community drinking water systems serving populations of less than 10,000 people and smaller systems providing advanced wastewater treatment for reuse or meeting stringent discharge standards.
  • Viewpoint

    • Elections Could Impact Water, Environment
      Back in 1996 I wrote a column on the possible impact of that year's elections. I suggested that a mixed-up Washington, with a Democratic president and a Republican Congress, might be the best thing for the water/wastewater industry. I based that comment on the belief that having opposing forces at work on Capitol Hill would create gridlock. I have always been a firm believer that no action is good action when it comes to Washington.
  • Editorial Focus

    • WEFTEC to Feature Latest Technologies
      The latest in water quality research, technology, and services will be on display Oct. 14-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., during WEFTEC 2000, North America's largest annual water quality conference and exposition.
  • WWEMA Corner

  • Washington Update

    • Congress Not Expected to Block TMDL Rule
      The U.S. Congress appears unlikely to overturn the Clinton Administration's preemptive decision to issue total maximum daily load (TMDL) regulations limiting polluted water runoff.
  • EPA Action

    • EPA Proposes Changes to Deep Well Injection Rule
      The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed revisions to the federal requirements for deep well injection of municipal wastewater to protect underground sources of drinking water in South Florida.

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Texas water orgs partner to build Water Innovation Clearinghouse, Demonstration Hubs

The Texas Desalination Association and AccelerateH2O have partnered to implement innovative water supply solutions. The Texas Water Innovation Clearinghouse will expedite knowledge-sharing, problem-solving and access to resources and the formation of collaborations.

American Water participates in 'Imagine a Day Without Water' event

American Water announced its participation in the Value of Water Coalition's national advocacy and educational event, "Imagine a Day Without Water."

EPA awards $10M, five-year grant for Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it has awarded a $10-million, five-year grant to Central Michigan University to continue implementation of its Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program.

WERF honors Texas water reclamation facility with Award for Excellence in Innovation

The Water Environment Research Foundation has recognized the City of Fort Worth's Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility with its Award for Excellence in Innovation for its use of WERF research to guide the implementation of a series of sustainable facility upgrades.




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