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Eurotherm Chessell has announced the availability of its new three channel analog input module for the IOS 2500 Controller. The A13 module sources individually isolated loop power for two wire transmitter inputs or sinks the mA signal from externally powered loops. The high performance module provides up to 16-bits of resolution. Termination boards are available with quick disconnects for removing each channel of the A13 from its current loop for commissioning and trouble shooting. The I/O system 2500 (IOS 2500) is an intelligent distributed control, signal conditioning and alarm system that communicates on ModbusRegistered RTU or ProfibusRegistered DP networks. It can operate as a stand-alone controller or as distributed I/O in a SCADA system.

Eurotherm Chessell, an Invensys Company
San Diego, CA
Tel: 800-801-5099
Fax: 858-279-6290

Disposable bailers

Clearwater Engineering has released the Titan Series line of disposable bailers for groundwater sampling needs. These bailers offer more accurate sampling and achieve fast descent and fill times without introducing any sample aeration or agitation. The check ball apparatus is completely redesigned to eliminate leakage. The bailers use a soft-coated hemisphere that completely closes off the bailer orifice even in the presence of silt to ensure a tight seal. The bailer weights have been relocated to the exterior where they have been counter-balanced.

Clearwater Engineering, Inc.
Clearwater, FL
Tel: 727-573-2210
Fax: 727-572-1152

Pressure switches

AshcroftRegistered A-series miniature pressure switches are suitable for many applications. They come in brass or stainless steel, factory set or field adjustable and many standard process and electrical connections. An optional sealed switch element is designed to improve reliability in harsh or corrosive environments. The sealed switch provides contact protection in applications including outdoor plants and equipment that is washed down or subject to frequent temperature changes. The A-series comes with a diaphragm sealed piston or piston actuator for long service life. The stainless steel body is epoxy sealed to protect the precision, snap-acting switch element.

Dresser Instrument
Stratford, CT
Tel: 800-328-8258

Spill berm

PacTec has added the Pop-Up Berm to its family of spill containment products. This one-piece unit features a sidewall that literally pops up into place when unfolded. The berm is UV and chemical resistant, flexible, lightweight and durable. Optional accessories include: "Track Guard" to protect the unit from tire abrasions, "Ground Cover" to protect the unit from ground punctures, "Berm Bridge" for supporting hoses across the side wall, and collapsible end walls for "drive on/drive off" capabilities.

Clinton, LA
Tel: 800-272-2832

Hydrant marking

A new product identifies fire hydrants that are not in service. The N.I.S. bags are bright orange, heavy duty four mil polypropylene with "NOT IN SERVICE" printed in bold black letters. The bag securely attaches to the hydrant with adhesive strips. They are designed as a cost effective way for municipal utilities, contractors and fire departments clearly to mark out-of-service hydrants without requiring special tools.

Assured Flow Sales, Inc.
Sarasota, FL
Tel: 800-388-0678
Fax: 941-953-9695

WindScent™ Sleeves and Odor Neutralizing Granules

Odor Control Company has developed an alternative to liquids and spray odor control systems. It's WindScentTM sleeves filled with odor neutralizing granules are designed to hang outdoors between the odor and the community for controlling processing or waste odors that may be disturbing neighbors.. Each sleeve holds slightly more than a pound of granules and will neutralize unpleasant odors for months. The sleeves are easy to fill through the Velcro controlled opening. The fabric sleeve hangs from a metal grommet at the top.

Odor Control Company, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 888-948-3956
Fax: 877-948-1010

Helical gear drives

Boston Gear has introduced its 800 series in-line helical gear drives. These compact, heavy-duty helical gear drive models include double and triple reduction units with standard NEMA C-Face flanged and direct input non-flanged configurations. The series offers a wide range of reduction ratios to suit the output speed requirements of many applications and a variety of input shaft configurations for maximum positioning flexibility.

Boston Gear
Quincy, MA
Tel: 617-328-3300
Fax: 617-479-6238


A new laboratory spectrometer introduced by Hach features automatic wavelength selection. The new Odyssey DR/2500 offers a touch screen display with a simple user interface, easy computer connections and advanced software. It can read pH directly with an optional electrode. A newly designed cell holder accommodates many different sizes of sample vials and eliminates multiple adapters.

Hach Company
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224
Fax: 970-669-2932

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RWL Water granted 5.8-MGD seawater desalination project in California, Mexico

The State Water Commission of Baja California, Mexico, has officially awarded the consortium of RWL Water, and its Mexican partners Libra Ingenieros and R.J. Ingenieria, a project to build, finance, operate, and transfer a seawater desalination plant in the city of San Quintín.

NAWC names Connecticut Water winner of 2015 Management Innovation Awards

The National Association of Water Companies has named Connecticut Water Company the winner of its 2015 Management Innovation Awards for its customer protection program called "Be Sure Before You Open the Door."

Oman’s SPC desalination problems could impact Barka/Sohar bids

Another technical malfunction at the Sohar 1 desalination project in Oman could impact bidding for two new projects...

Victoria mulls waking its sleeping desalination plant to ease drought

Victoria's desalination plant may be brought back online after being idle since 2012 to help ease recent drought conditions...




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