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Tank vent scrubber

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Bionomic Industries has announced the availability of its new VentClean System for scrubbing storage tank vent emissions caused by tank breathing and filling operations. The system is available in configurations for once-through or for recirculation, which reduces consumption of water or chemical reagent. The system easily adapts to a variety of scrubbing liquids. Its versatility allows it to handle single or multiple storage tanks with large variations in venting rates. The low pressure-drop design prohibits dangerous over-pressurization in both fiberglass and plastic storage tanks. Typical applications include removal of acids, amines or almost any other water-soluble contaminants.

Bionomic Industries, Inc.
Mahwah, NJ
Tel: 201-529-1094

Odor neutralizer

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Hinsilblon designed its Evéne/ScentTM to neutralize odor in the vapor phase without using water. The company's field-tests demonstrated that the product reduced odor concentration, intensity and persistence. It functions as a true neutralizer and not as a masking agent. The company selects only natural plant oil extracts from the seeds, bark, roots, leaves, flowers, wood, balsam, resin and fruit of plants to make the concentrated blend of essential oils and trace elements. The biodegradable product contains no water, surfactants, petroleum distillates, alkalies or chlorinated solvents, is non-toxic and contains no hazardous air pollutants pursuant to the Clean Air Act 40 CFR 63, subpart C.

Cape Coral, FL
Tel: 800-833-4777

Cover systems

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Conservatek designs clear-span aluminum cover systems that help wastewater facility owners meet environmental challenges. Conservatek offers a wide range of flat cover alternatives including its Extruded Flat Cover, which incorporates an integral bi-directional slip resistant surface. Panels are easily removable and can be lifted by two people.

Conservatek Industries, Inc.
Conroe, TX
Tel: 936-539-1747

Biological catalyst

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The NanoVaporTM odor control system vaporizes a biological catalyst, NanozymeTM in a proprietary vaporization chamber. The vapors transfer to the treatment area or are piped directly into an emission stack to neutralize noxious gases before release to the atmosphere. NanozymeTM rapidly vaporizes into submicro-sized particles at ambient temperature and effectively neutralizes airborne pollutants at the molecular level. The particle-to-particle interaction maximizes contact surface area and dramatically improves speed and effectiveness. The system can create an invisible "air-tight curtain" that provides a moisture free barrier to malodorous and noxious gases. It is suitable for sealing off composting operations, wastewater treatment plants and more.

The Moorhead Group
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 831-685-1148

Fan connectors

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The Proco Series 500 non-metallic line of connectors answers fan application needs. The connectors are available in U-type (520), arch (530), and W-design (540) configurations in a variety of elastomers such as neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Hypalon, and Buna-N. The connectors commonly are found in industrial process ducting and wastewater odor control systems applications. The connectors can be specified for installation next to mechanical equipment such as fans, blowers, compressors or hot air ducts.

Proco Products, Inc.
Stockton, CA
Tel: 800-344-3246

Structural fabric covers

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As part of a "Good Neighbor" program to contain odorous emissions, the Olentangy Environmental Control Center in Powell, OH, installed Vapor Guard structural-fabric covers on three of its thickened sludge digesters. After evaluating all cover options, the utility chose the covers because their heat-sealed seams ensured total and long-term odor containment while the flat profile minimized the visual impact of the covers.

ILC Dover, Inc
Frederica, DE
Tel: 800-631-9567

Compact odor control

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The new Biocube LS-100 self-contained biofiltration system provides a compact, turnkey solution to nuisance hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal for wastewater lift stations and other low-volume facilities. The system arrives fully assembled on a 6' x 6' skid. Utility personnel can install it within a few hours. The LS-100 handles up to 100 CFM with 99% H2S removal efficiency at 15 ppm (50 ppm peaks). Higher capacity configurations are available. Extended-life organic media boasts a 3-year service life and oxidizes over 60% of its own weight in H2S.

Biocube, Inc.
Victor, NY
Ph: 716-924-2220

Single and multi-stage systems

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Andersen 2000 provides high efficiency single and multiple stage odor control systems for odor abatement applications including municipal wastewater treatment. The packed bed scrubber technology can be used with gas streams that contain particulate less than 1 micron in size, or multiple stages for higher particulate concentrations. The company develops systems utilizing chemical and thermal oxidation, adsorption, absorption, dilution and other techniques to eliminate odor problems.

Andersen 2000, Inc.
Peachtree, GA
Tel: 770-486-2000

H2S control

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Warmister Fiberglass designed its Odor Control System to remove up to 98 percent of the hydrogen sulfide gas generated in clarifier launders. The air-tight design offers no leaks or air gaps, forming a tightly sealed air duct for the most efficient removal of hydrogen sulfide gas and other odorous gases. A built-in flow splitter feature divides the inlet air equally for optimum performance. Test results show that systems using one inlet duct and one exhaust duct achieve maximum gas removal. The system achieves 12 air changes per hour. A custom designed bulb gasket seals the easy open, easy close hatch covers. They install just over the weir troughs and require no bolts for weir cleaning.

Warmister Fiberglass Company
Southhampton, PA
Tel: 215-953-1260

Floating cover

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GTI's insulated floating cover systems are used to control odor in wastewater treatment lagoons, sludge ponds, aeration systems, flow equalization tanks and pretreatment tanks. These durable, UV protected covers can be installed quickly without disrupting plant operation and are easy to maintain while in service. The covers are strong enough to safely support foot traffic, light vehicles and snow loads. They are gas-tight to capture odorous biogas. The covers also provide automatic rainwater removal, reduce process heat loss/gain, eliminate water evaporation and eliminate sunlight penetration.

Geomembrane Technologies Inc.
Fredericton, NB, Canada
Tel: 506-452-7304

Granular media

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SulfaTreat - 410HP odor control and gas processing product is a non-hazardous granular media that selectively removes H2S and light mercaptans to control sewage odors and treat biogas from digesters and landfills. Contaminated air or gas easily flows through the low pressure-drop media chemically reacting and irreversibly trapping H2S as a stable and environmentally safe byproduct. The media thrives in fully water-saturated air with designed removal levels as much as 99.99+%. Simple containers or vessels hold the non-corrosive media. The high media capacity, up to 20% by weight, commonly yields long bed lives. The product treats a wide range of H2S levels, continuously or intermittently, from a few parts per million to as high as 2%.

The SulfaTreat Company
St. Louis, MO
Tel: 800-726-7687

Chemical feed system

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NuTech's new Mist ProTM Chemical Feed system has been redesigned to simplify operation and maintenance of its spray and fogging odor control units. This new system offers minimal piping and connections to reduce leaks, a flooded suction pump to reduce pump wear and replacement, and a powder coated aluminum frame and cover to provide long life and protection from inadvertent wetting. The system comes in three models: 108 nozzles, a 9 to 135 nozzle brass pump system and a 40 to 135-nozzle stainless steel pump system. Operating pressures meet requirements from 40 to 150 psi.

NuTech Environmental Corp.
Denver, CO
Tel: 800-321-8824

Drum scrubber

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Purafil produces a Drum Scrubber for removal of odors at wastewater operations. The scrubber is available in 100 cfm, 300 cfm, and 500 cfm designs. It removes odorous gases pervasive at pump stations, lift stations, wet wells, and force mains. The scrubber contains multiple layers of dry chemical media for broad-spectrum removal at 99.5+% efficiencies. The primary components of the system are dry chemical Odorcarb and Odormix media contained in disposable mesh pouches, or MediaSAKs (DS-100 cfm only). These media target hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, aldehydes, organic compounds, and other odor causing compounds.

Purafil, Inc.
Doraville, GA
Tel: 770-662-8545

Oxygen generators

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The OG-15 extracts oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrates it up to 95% purity and delivers it to any application. This new line of oxygen generators from Oxygen Generating Systems, Inc. (OGSI) incorporates the latest in Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology and is available for 110 vAC or 220 vAC power requirements. The company offers a WindowsTM based Payback Analysis Software that illustrates the payback for the generator in 18 months or less. Larger users enjoy even greater returns. Wastewater treatment applications include O2 feed to ozone generators and more. The generators come in 20 standard models that can supply oxygen for application requirements ranging from 15 to 5000 SCFH. Turn-key multi-ton oxygen plant designs can be customized for larger applications.

Oxygen Generating Systems, Inc.
Niagara Falls, NY
Tel: 800-414-6474


Bioaugmentation with bacteria can solve hydrogen sulfide odor problems due to sulfate-reducing bacteria. The Solmar Formulation MD-510 supplies naturally occurring facultative anaerobes capable of functioning either in the presence or absence of dissolved oxygen. Solmar specifically designed the formula for handling domestic sewage and it is particularly effective on problem components such as grease loadings, oils and more. The company offers its expertise to explore treatment methods designed to address each odor problem.

Solmar Corp.
Carlsbad, CA
Tel: 760-734-1685

Selective oxidant

Vulcan Performance Chemicals' Aktivox product is designed to yield a sustained slow release of chlorine dioxide to control odor-causing sulfides and related oxidizable compounds in municipal wastewater systems. Aktivox is a selective oxidant with specificity to sulfides and does not form chlorinated organics. The product is injected directly into the system, applied as a spray or fogged above the surface.

Vulcan Performance Chemicals
Birmingham, AL
Tel: 800-554-7505

Ozone contactor system

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The Ozone Contactor System from Ozonology treats foul air streams. It provides vapor phase mixing of ozone into the foul air supply and sufficient dwell time to oxidize odors chemically, rendering them innocuous. The contact chamber consists of a modular fiberglass building containing an arrangement of internal baffles, and sometimes tiers of baffles, designed to create a long travel path in a structure requiring a minimum of space. The serpentine effect provides up to a 30-second dwell time. For applications with limited space, the light-weight structure may be roof-mounted. In addition to the contact chamber, the turnkey equipment package includes an ozone generator sized to the odor load as ppm of H2S and CFM of exhaust stream; air dryer for ozone generator feed gas preparation; ozone sparger for supply duct; ozone monitor and an optional ozone generator modulation control.

Ozonology Inc.
Northbrook, IL Tel: 866-998-8808


Biorem Technologies provides complete turnkey installation of biofilters for air emission control. The services include process development, including pilot plant operation if necessary, system engineering design, system installation and on-going process monitoring. Air purification systems eliminate the nuisance factor of noxious odors and the impact on workers and the surrounding population. Biological air filters provide cost- effective and reliable removal of water soluble contaminants from air streams. Biofilters are used extensively in the control of odors from biological waste reduction processes such as wastewater treatment and composting operations.

Biorem Technologies Inc.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 519-767-9100

Citrus odor agent

Florida Chemical Company's d-Limonene (orange terpenes) is a naturally occurring, biodegradable solvent and degreaser that is recovered as a by-product of the orange juicing process. As an odor control agent, d-Limonene can be added full strength to waste streams in treatment plants to control odors. It provides a food source for "bugs" in the operation. It also can be used full strength or mixed with an emulsifier to make a water soluble cleaner. The product is 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. It offers an attractive citrus odor, versatility and a GRAS ("Generally Recognized As Safe") rating from the FDA.

Florida Chemical Company, Inc.
Winter Haven, FL
Tel: 863-294-8483


Byo-Gon PX-109 was developed by the University of Hawaii as a bio-stimulant to enhance cell growth. It is a patented alkaloid that acts to increase cellular metabolism of a wide variety of naturally occurring microorganisms. The product is a precursor to enzymatic activity at the cellular level. It is not a bacteria or an enzyme. The 100% natural organic solution is designed for reducing odor, sludge or grease in industrial, municipal and food service environments. The product has proven to reduce measurable contaminants by up to 90% in various applications. It is safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Austin, TX
Tel: 800-580-5509

Odor control granules

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Odor Control Company has developed an alternative to liquids and spray odor control systems. Its WindScentTM sleeves filled with odor neutralizing granules are designed to hang outdoors between the odor and the community for controlling odors that may be disturbing neighbors. Each sleeve holds slightly more than a pound of granules and will neutralize unpleasant odors for months. The sleeves are easy to fill through a Velcro controlled opening. The fabric sleeve hangs from a metal grommet at the top.

Odor Control Company, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 888-948-3956

Activated carbon systems

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Carbtrol's activated carbon odor control systems are designed to remove hydrogen sulfide and other odoriferous compounds at lift stations, collection systems and treatment areas. They handle flows from 75 to 1000 CFM. These treatment systems are pre-engineered, activated carbon absorbers with blower, combined in a factory assembled package. They are available in lined steel, HDPE or stainless steel construction with activated carbon fill capacities from 140 to 200 pounds. The self-contained units' dimensions measure from 24 to 48 inches square. Larger sizes are available for higher capacity flow requirements.

Carbtrol Corp.
Bridgeport, CT
Tel: 203-337-4340

Scrubber packings

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Jaeger Tri-PacksRegistered are hollow, spherical packings constructed of a unique network of ribs, struts and drip rods that increase active surface areas. The packings offer extremely low pressure drops. The geometry offers efficiency and mass transfer performance in all types of scrubbing and stripping applications. The packings come in a variety of injection molded plastic compounds and install to the packed position with no settling.

Jaeger Products, Inc.
Houston, TX
Tel: 281-449-9500

In-pipe treatment

In-Pipe Technology (IPT) offers a breakthrough in municipal wastewater treatment. The recently patented IPT process converts the entire sewer collection system into a treatment step reducing Total Suspended Solids (TSS) by > 60% and carbonaceous biological oxygen demand (CBOD) by > 30%. The process occurs anaerobically, using the natural retention time in the sewer. An extremely concentrated mixture of select, symbiotic, facultative microbes added to the collection system act to degrade the waste en-route to the treatment plant. These bacteria reduce the sulfides in the wastewater because they replace the sulfur-reducing bacteria in the biomass on the walls of the force mains and on the floor of the gravity piping by "competitive exclusion." The mixture itself produces no odor compounds and reduces biosolids by 50% or more.

In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC
Wheaton, IL
Tel: 630-871-5844


ThiogardRegistered from Premier Chemicals provides odor control and corrosion reduction in sanitary sewer systems. Added directly to sewers, ThioguardRegistered stops odors by preventing formation of hydrogen sulfide gas. It buffers water, gently raising pH without overshooting. Alkalinity is released gradually as needed. This automatically controls pH in the correct range to prevent formation and release of H2S. It generally takes only 50 to 100 gallons of the product per million gallons of sewage to raise and hold pH in the range of 8 to 8.5.

Premiere Chemicals
Glendale, AZ
Tel: 602-504-6702

Chemical treatment

Carus Chemical Company manufactures potassium permanganate and other manganese containing chemicals for municipal water and wastewater treatment. The products include CairoxRegistered potassium permanganate, Cairox-CRTM extruded potassium permanganate and CarursolTM liquid permanganate. These products are used in drinking water and wastewater to control Fe/Mn, tastes and odors, THMs, zebra mussels, hydrogen sulfide, corrosion, toxic pollutants and other problems.

Carus Chemical Company
Peru, IL
Tel: 800-435-6856

Soil biofilters

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Bohn Biofilter systems use engineered soil media to harness the natural biodegradation process. The system channels contaminated air through the porous medium. Large populations of microbes contained in the medium completely oxidize the contaminants and covert them to CO2 and water. Unlike compost biofilters, the soil bed systems are permanent and withstand down-times. Applications include off-gases from wastewater treatment plants, landfills and others. After the initial installation cost, the system operation requires only power for the blower and water to moisten the soil media.

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Bohn Biofilter Corporation
Tucson, AZ
Tel: 520-624-4644

Flexible conduit

The Sealed Flow System from A-Lok Products expedites rehabilitation of sanitary manholes or structures and prevents damage caused by corrosive environments. The system isolates and maintains the flow of influent through sanitary manholes using a flexible conduit with expandable stainless steel sleeves. A temporary or permanent installation can be effected in minutes without interrupting the existing flow. The lining system is particularly effective in stopping odor problems and can be custom designed for most applications. Options include both venting and check valve attachments.

A-Lok Products, Inc
Tullytown, PA
Tel: 800-822-2565

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