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Volume 29, Issue 3

    • Editors Note

    • News

      • World News

        Collection of water and wastewater new headlines from the world

    • Analysis

    • Product Review

      • Pumps

        Collection of product and news announcements  focused on Sludge Treatment - Pumps

    • Technology Round-Up

      • Membranes

        Collection of product and news announcements  focused on Sludge Treatment - Membranes



    • Mexico' s New Giant in Town

      Set to be one of the world's largest wastewater treatment plants, Mexico's Atotonilco project will treat 3.6 million m3/day and help revitalize local infrastructure. With such an enormous project, what technical and logistic challenges have been faced?


    • Seek & Destroy: Algal Blooms

      Earlier this year, a European Union-backed consortium commenced work on a 30-month project to develop a robotic system that is capable of autonomously detecting and disposing of harmful algae by using an ultrasonic tool on an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV).

    • Activated Sludge: 100 [years] not out

      Wastewater scientists and engineers are celebrating the centenary of a major technology milestone this year. WWi joined them on a trip to the UK city of Manchester to reflect on a hundred years of activated sludge

    • Bubble Power Enhancing a Weapon for RO Membrane Cleaning

      Efficiently maintained membranes can reduce cleaning frequency and the amount of chemicals used. A three-year R&D project has developed a cleaning system for reverse osmosis (RO) membranes that combines chemical bubble generation with physical bubble generation to enhance foulant removal.

    • Understanding IEC Standards & Wastewater Pump Motor Efficiencies

      Manufacturers around the world are trying to reduce the energy consumption of pumps.


NAWC lauds U.S. House Committee's notable PPP bipartisan report

The National Association of Water Companies is supporting the report, "Public-Private Partnerships: Balancing the Needs of the Public and Private Sectors to Finance the Nation's Infrastructure," by the Transportation and Infrastructure Panel of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Baldor Electric receives Governor's Top Quality Award for operational excellence

This week, the Arkansas Institute for Performance Excellence honored Baldor Electric to receive the Arkansas Governor's Quality Award for Performance Excellence.

MA wastewater treatment plant improves operations with sludge grinder

The Lynn Wastewater Treatment Plant in Swampscott, Mass., has improved capacity and reduced maintenance intervals thanks to a pair of Series-A Munchers from NOV Mono.

EPA announces major modifications to ongoing VT landfill Superfund site remedy

EPA has proposed major recommended modifications to the ongoing remedy of the BFI Rockingham Landfill Superfund Site in Rockingham, Vt., that include an increased timeframe to cleanup groundwater, additional groundwater restrictions, and revised arsenic and lead cleanup levels.