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Volume 29, Issue 6
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    • Editor's Note

      • Conquering Mountains

        WWi celebrates 25 thought leaders in the global industry, all of whom have made a difference in the provision of water and wastewater services, or the research and technology used to do so.

    • News

      • World News

        The Texas Research & Technology Foundation has launched a Texas Water Technology Accelerator -- called AccelerateH2O.

  • Upfront

    • Celebrating the Water Industry's High Fliers

      The global water/wastewater industries have spoken! From Nobel Laureates, to water reuse pioneers and engineers who have grown billion dollar businesses in less than a decade: the water industry is full of innovators and thought leaders. Here we take a close look at the top 24 before an interview with the winner.

    • Water's Highs & Lows: 2014 Year Review

      Although 2014 may have been quiet on the municipal contract activity, it's the industrial activities providing room for growth. WWi provides an overview of the major contracts won over the course of 2014, region by region.

    • The Big Question: Pumps

      In the next instalment of WWi's technology series, we tackle the key industry product of pumps. With winter in full swing in Europe and headlines circulating about flooding threats, we ask the question: How can pumps help meet the growing environmental concern of flood alleviation?

  • Technology Case Studies

    • Unearthing Mining Water Technology Innovation

      Water access challenges and new mining discharge regulations are creating opportunities for the application of new water technologies. Yet the size and complexity of operations and cost of treating mining wastewater has slowed innovation. Which technologies/companies are emerging as successful?

    • San Diego to Spearhead Direct Potable Water Reuse

      In the history of wastewater reuse, 2014 will probably go down as a landmark year, when direct potable reuse took off in the US. In November the San Diego city council voted unanimously for a multi-billion dollar plan to recycle over 300,000 m3/day of water.

  • Regional Spotlight -- Asia Pacific

    • The Great Wall, Mark II: Engineering China's Water Lifeline

      Totalling a century from conception to completion, costing over $60 billion, China's South-North Water Transfer Project will be one of the greatest engineering feats of the modern era. In October the central route of the world's most expensive water supply system was complete but at what environmental and economic price?

    • Water Treatment Plant Commissioning in Australia

      To ensure problems are minimised during the operation of new water treatment plants, the commissioning phase should not be underestimated. This article details how the process plays out in Australia, including a case study on the commissioning of inlet water pumps in Queensland.

    • Pinpointing Hard-to-find Leaks in Manilla

      Maynilad Water Services is the water/wastewater services provider for the West Zone of the Greater Metro Manila Area of the Philippines. Facing pressure issues due to leakage, it was not feasible to spend over US$40 million to recover 5,000 m3/day...

    • Plugging Sri Lanka's Sanitation Gap

      Nearing a total investment of $100 million, it is hoped the Greater Colombo Wastewater Management Project will help Sri Lanka meet its Millenium Development Goals target and provide an answer to chronically collapsing old infrastructure.

  • Technology Review

    • Product Focus: Tanks & Storage

      A line of fabric buildings to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses has been offered by Legacy.

    • Product Focus: Membranes

      Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) has designed Water Application Value Engine (WAVE) - a digital modeling tool for evaluating components as well as designing water treatment systems.


CSSD expands performance standard to address treatment of shale wastewater

The Center for Sustainable Shale Development announced that it has expanded its wastewater Performance Standard 1 to address the treatment of shale wastewater at permitted facilities.

Water Council announces Round III of The Brew accelerator program

The BREW, a first-of-its-kind place-based global seed accelerator for water technology startups led by The Water Council, has announced that it is launching Round III of the program.  

Siemens to supply turbines for MI combined-cycled power plant project

Siemens has announced that it is supplying two gas turbines and one steam turbine for the Holland Energy Park combined-cycle power plant, to be constructed in the city of Holland, Mich.

CA city deploys smart water software for improved decision support, capital planning

In an effort to prioritize main replacement, coordinate outage response, pinpoint capacity deficiencies, and identify optimal flushing locations in the city of Santa Ana, Calif., the Santa Ana Public Works Agency is adopting Sedaru smart water enterprise software from IDModeling, Inc.