http://localhost:4503/content/ww/en/blogs/ask-bmp.html2016-09-28T13:37:58.017ZAsk Mr BMPRead the latest blog for utility issues, regulation and new technologies in the power markets.Adobe Experience ManagerStormwater BMPs -- You've got questions; We've got answersnoemail@noemail.orgAsk Mr. BMPCities, towns, and communities across the country spend millions -- in some cases, billions -- of dollars to protect water quality and remain compliant with state and federal regulations. One important strategy for doing that is use of BMP's -- Best Management Practices -- which include myriad techniques (both gray and green) for dealing with stormwater runoff and reducing the pollutants entering our nation's waters.<br /><br />As the use of BMPs grows, so too do the questions surrounding them: What are the most important design considerations for a given site? What is the best way to maintain the various BMPs? How can I ensure my BMPs are properly installed and inspected?<br /><br />To that end, we are excited to launch a new blog, "Ask Mr. BMP," which will provide a forum for discussion of these topics and many more. You are invited and encouraged to submit questions, concerns, topics, and ideas for our BMP expert to address.<br /><br />Who is our BMP expert? If you have been in the stormwater field for any length of time, you may wall have crossed paths with our Mr. BMP. He is John Moll, CEO of CrystalStream Technologies, and an active researcher in the water quality field. John holds eight water quality related patents, and has incorporated a maintenance company into CrystalStream that has provided invaluable data about actual field performance. Knowledge gained from over 6,000 maintenance operations has been integrated back into the design process and has helped guide new company initiatives.<br /><br />John is also on the Board of Directors (and a founding member of) the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association (SWEMA). In addition, he has authored dozens of articles and presented at numerous industry conferences on the topic of stormwater BMPs.<br /><br />Through this blog, John will share his insights into, experiences with and advice for selecting, designing, installing, testing, and maintaining stormwater BMPs.<br /><br />In the meantime, don't be shy! If you have a question or topic suggestion for Mr. BMP, you are encouraged to submit it via the comment box below.<br /><br />Thank you! And we hope you enjoy our blog!<br />Sincerely,<br />Angela Godwin<br />Chief Editor, WaterWorld Magazine, 500

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