524 Billion Reasons to Invest in Water Infrastructure

A new report from the Water Research Foundation and the Water Environment Research Foundation shows that 30 of the largest public water utilities plan to spend an aggregate total of $23 billion per...

Case Study: Filter reduces flood-induced suspended solids in New Orleans heat exchangers

In New Orleans, flooding from Hurricane Katrina led to an in­crease in TSS, which caused fouling of the heat exchangers, resulting in a loss in efficiency and increase in maintenance costs. As such...

Hungary faces up to the affordability challenge

Hungary has reduced its 400-plus utilities to just 46 in three years. Natasha Wiseman investigates the changed landscape and the country's first ice pigging project.

MWD pushes incentive for water recycling, desalination, groundwater cleanup investments

The board of directors at California's Metropolitan Water District has increased the financial incentive for water agencies to develop and produce recycled water, recovered groundwater and desalina...

Excellere Partners teams up with long-time specialty chemical industry leaders

In an effort to pursue further opportunities within the industry, Excellere Partners recently announced that it has partnered with two long-time specialty chemical industry leaders, Paul Turgeon an...

The Big Question: Leakage/NRW Management

Reducing water loss due to leakage has been the focus of increasing effort during the last twenty years and the action taken has resulted in a significant improvement.


County commissioners have approved a $24.5 million project to expand the wastewater treatment plant at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional airport.

USGS awards $1M in water study grants to four university programs

Through the National Competitive Grants Program, the U.S. Geological Survey has awarded nearly $1 million to four university programs across the country. Proposals from Purdue University, Univ...

CA district breaks ground on advanced water purification demonstration project

Padre Dam Municipal Water District of California has broken ground on its new Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Project in light of the state's ongoing drought and the continuous rise of im...

The Ice Bucket Challenge: The Cold, Hard Truth

Millions around the world have taken on the ice bucket challenge to raise money for charity. How did it start? Why did it get slammed by environmentalists and why did Matt Damon use water from his ...


Scipar Inc

Specializes in the design and commissioning of fully engineered process control systems for water resources, hydroele...

Gemite Products Inc

Offers waterproofing systems for potable water NSF/ANSI approved, waste-water (crystalline & flexible system), waterp...

Medro Systems Inc

Manufactures industrial and medical water treatment systems, primarily reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, deionization...

RS Technical Services Inc

Video pipeline inspection systems with unparalleled product durability and reliability utilizing cutting-edge single ...


Tri-Bond Rubber Linings

Blair's Tri-bond rubber linings are designed with a triple layer construction consisting of a soft/semi-hard/soft combination of rubbers and are specially compounded for many solutions.

Intelligent Water

The Intelligent Water software solution derives insights from data to help utilities manage pressure, reduce water consumption, mitigate sewer overflow, and better manage their water infrastructure, assets and operations.

Quantum Marketing Group

Manufactures flexible pipeline and valve markers, signs, decals and related visual identification products.

Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd

Provides customized solutions and high-quality components used in industrial applications, gas and water distribution.