Partnership explores water security in water-scarce U.S. regions

A new partnership has been established to convene a group of water experts to examine water scarcity implications on U.S. water infrastructure.

Chesapeake Bay groundwater withdrawals causing sinking land, flooding risks

USGS report shows groundwater withdrawals causing sinking land that's contributing to flooding risks in the southern Chesapeake Bay region.

Redesigned website

FMC Corporation announced the launch of its newly-designed environmental website that showcases industry-leading products from the soil and groundwater remediation and water treatment businesses, t...

Well and Good: After "Easy" Water Has Been Tapped, Unconventional Wells Offer Innovative Solutions

A horizontal well, collector well or angle well may be the most cost-effective alternative when all construction options and site variables are considered, including hydrogeology, capital and maint...

Elevated nitrate levels in Nevada region groundwater assessed in study

A USGS study reveals that septic tanks in Carson Valley, NV, are contaminating groundwater across the region with concentrations of nitrates.

Chicago River microbe population analyzed in new partnership

Dept. of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and MWRD partnership to conduct research on microbial content in Chicago-area waterways.

Under Control Keeping Wastewater Contained

A look at how Severn Trent Water in the UK is using active monitoring to encourage early preventative action and provide data to develop a methodology for more strategic future responses.

The New Black Gold?

During a pilot study to decolour drinking water, it was discovered that the perceived waste stream removed actually contained humic acids and table salt.

USGS reinstates measuring of water used for electric energy production

After nearly two decades, water amounts consumed in thermoelectric power production will be reported due to a USGS reinstatement report.

Alaska, EPA agreement to close contaminated wells, protect groundwater

Fifty five motor vehicle waste disposal wells across the state of Alaska will be shut down due to threats toward groundwater resources.


Tri-Bond Rubber Linings

Blair's Tri-bond rubber linings are designed with a triple layer construction consisting of a soft/semi-hard/soft combination of rubbers and are specially compounded for many solutions.

Intelligent Water

The Intelligent Water software solution derives insights from data to help utilities manage pressure, reduce water consumption, mitigate sewer overflow, and better manage their water infrastructure, assets and operations.

Quantum Marketing Group

Manufactures flexible pipeline and valve markers, signs, decals and related visual identification products.

Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd

Provides customized solutions and high-quality components used in industrial applications, gas and water distribution.