Certain companies in the water and wastewater industry are veritable trailblazers, forging ahead and sharing their expertise with others in an effort to help them stay current with new trends and technologies and do their jobs more efficiently. Our new Global Thought Leader Series will feature a collection of white papers and related videos from these innovators, giving you free and easy access to a bank of useful knowledge.




How To Choose A Flow Meter

The amount of flow measurement instrumentation available on the market today is mind boggling. Making the decision on what technology to use can be daunting, and many experienced plant personnel either use what they are comfortable with or count on their supplier (sales person) to help them out with different technologies. A new white paper from KROHNE explores some questions to ask yourself at the beginning of the decision-making process that could lead you down the path to successfully choosing measurement devices.








Translating Data into Action to Improve Utility Operations

Today’s water utilities are faced with ever increasing pressures – on their water supply, their efficiency, their workforce, their infrastructure, and their bottom line. However, even if the needs felt by utilities are common, your utility’s solution must be tailored to meet your needs. It must improve your customer service and your customers' experiences.

This white paper explores how, by taking advantage of the capabilities of today’s AMR (automatic meter reading) and AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) systems, your water utility can better manage myriads of data, optimize your operations and resources, connect all departments simultaneously as a smart water network, and protect your existing asset investments while expanding for the future. The right AMR/AMI system will not just give you information, but will make sense of it so that your utility can take action.


Total Error Band. The truth about transducer accuracy

This white paper describes the benefits of Total Error Band (TEB) accuracy specification over traditional static accuracy specifications.



Huber Technology

MBR Screening Selection Criteria

 The number of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants in design, construction and operation has increased considerably over the past deca...

Inline Sludge Screens – Municipal and Industrial Applications

How do I remove screenings from my sludge? Even when screens are installed at the head of a treatment facility, debris always ends up in the sludge...

Fine Screening Equipment as the First Line of Defense

It can be argued that the headworks of a plant might be the most critical place in a Waste Water Treatment Plant.  What happens there will gre...

High Viscosity Polymer Measurement

How to overcome the challenges of measuring high viscosity, low flow polymers.

This white paper is sponsored by KROHNE.

Level Measurement In A Septic Waste Transfer Station Day Tank

Solids and wastewater from residential septic tanks must periodically be removed and transported to a wastewater treatment plant for processing. Wh...

That Precious Wet Stuff

Flow and level measurement experts KROHNE have released a white paper outlining the drivers and benefits of increased water monitoring. Also discu...

Desalination Plants Benefit from Mag Meters with Unique Virtual Reference Feature

In certain applications, conventional grounding of electromagnetic flow meters can pose special challenges. A new white paper from flow and level m...

Biogas Flow Measurement Challenges and Solutions

Flow and level experts Krohne have released a white paper illustrating via two customer stories how its flowmeter solutions have helped deal with ...

Partially Filled Pipe Flow Measurement Challenges and Solutions

Flow and level experts Krohne have released a white paper detailing how the company's Tidalflux electromagnetic flow meter is providing crucial pro...

The Shape of Things to Come

Flow and level experts Krohne have released a white paper detailing results from laboratory testing that show how the company's Waterflux magnetic ...
Master Meter


Market analyses have predicted that in the next few years mechanical meters will see a decline in production and sales as two proven technologies ...

The Practical Design Approach to Coatings and Liners for the Rehabilitation of Cylindrically-Shaped Manhole Structures

The lack to date of an industry produced design standard for coatings and linings used in the renewal of sanitary sewer manholes by the manufacture...

SCADA Alternatives for Remote Monitoring

Most utilities employ a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system or DCS (Distributed Control System) to operate and monitor their process plants. Extending the SCADA network into th...

Automated Wireless Monitoring of Water Distribution Systems

Water utilities do a great job of producing good quality drinkable water in their processing plants then push it out into their distribution system where little is known. The primary reason is that...
Schneider Electric

Why Smart Water Networks Boost Efficiency

The Smart Water Network (SWAN) is the water utility industry’s equivalent to the energy industry’s Smart Grid. However, water utilities are trying ...

Three Steps for Reducing Total Cost of Ownership in Pumping Systems

Energy costs have become an increasing contributor to pumping systems Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In fact, energy cost represents 40% of the TCO...

Operational and Energy Efficiency for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Countless municipalities and utilities are facing aging water and wastewater facilities. Addressing these issues is expected to cost $2 trillion ov...
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