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Experts in liquid/solid separation technologies, we offer virtually the complete chain of screening, grit, and sludge handling processes. Huber Technology is an original source manufacturer specializing in stainless steel.


Inline Sludge Screens – Municipal and Industrial Applications

How do I remove screenings from my sludge? Even when screens are installed at the head of a treatment facility, debris always ends up in the sludge. Plastic parts and fibrous materials can cripple operation of important downstream technologies. The Huber Technology Strainpress® can effectively remove debris from sludge without breaking line pressure. This allows for screening to take place while pumping.


Fine Screening Equipment as the First Line of Defense

Currently the industry is gravitating towards fine screens, which are typically defined as screens with a bar spacing of ¼” (6mm) or less.  The purpose of the paper is to share Huber’s findings of 30 years with the readers of this paper. These findings consist of our practical experience in terms of design, manufacture, installation, service and operation with a variety of fine screens.  It is hoped that this report will prove to be useful for consultants, operations staff, and owners.