SCADA Alternatives for Remote Monitoring

Most utilities employ a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system or DCS (Distributed Control System) to operate and monitor their process plants. Extending the SCADA network into the field seems logical and almost obvious if new investment in remote monitoring is required. For many remotes sites, this is the best solution – particularly sites that need to be remotely controlled or where real-time mission critical data is required.  However, other non-control, non-mission critical remote sites don’t need costly SCADA implementation; they can be monitored with a remote data acquisition system that offers superior cost effectiveness, reliability and versatility.


Automated Wireless Monitoring of Water Distribution Systems

Water utilities do a great job of producing good quality drinkable water in their processing plants then push it out into their distribution system where little is known. The pr...
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Pressure impulse recorder

Wireless pressure/flow monitoring

Telog's Ru-32 & Ru-32m recording telemetry units (RTUs) provide real-time monitoring and alarming of pressure and flow sensors in harsh underground environments typical of w...

Remote data acquisition

Telog's PR-32 Pressure Recording System uses a submersible level sensor to monitor underground aquifers to accuracies of 0.1%.

Hydrant pressure monitor

Telog Instruments' HPR-32 Hydrant Pressure Monitor records system pressures and trends, including minimum, maximum and average pressure history at any user-selected interval.

Wireless monitoring

Telog has introduced a comprehensive family of battery-powered, environmentally-rugged wireless monitoring solutions assembled specifically for the water distribution industry.