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TX wastewater dept to upgrade distribution infrastructure with asset management solution

Apr 22, 2014 The City of Denton Wastewater Department in Texas has chosen Innovyze's InfoMaster Sewer software to help manage the replacement and rehabilitation...

SC sewer district to improve asset management with GIS-centric solution

Mar 31, 2014

The North Charleston Sewer District, SC, has selected Innovyze's InfoMaster Sewer as its enterprise smart asset management solution.

Water distribution in Atlanta to be improved with smart network modeling system

Feb 18, 2014 Atlanta, GA, chose Innovyze's InfoWater suite to support its large-scale, enterprise-wide geospatial water distribution network modeling and manage...

Smart asset management solution selected by city of Cambridge

Jan 7, 2014

The city of Cambridge, Mass., recently selected the InfoMaster Sewer -- a new asset management solution from Innovyze.

Partnership to provide real-time O&M management for water utilities

Sep 13, 2013

Partnership between IDModeling and Azteca Systems has been announced to enhance depth and reach of each company's respective solutions.

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Metering Simplified

Proper water meter selection is an important role for ones challenged with this responsibility. Typically a variety of different types of meters are needed to efficiently manage a water system and ...
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Automated phosphorus monitoring and treatment control meet highest standards for water protection

In this webcast, sponsored by the Hach Company you will hear about how the utility chose a sophisticated automatic monitoring and control solution, the Real-Time Control System for Phosphorus Remov...
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