Water treatment improvements for major brewery with new technology

CHICAGO, IL, Oct. 20, 2010 -- Freshwater Technologies announced that after several months of laboratory testing for a major brewery, the FW Aqua Transformer treatment of water has improved product ...

Closed-Loop Cooling System Promises Improved Energy Efficiency

Superior Mold of Ontario, Calif, a maker of tight-tolerance parts for the medical and aerospace industries, had been using a 15-ton cooling tower  ...

Orlando to Host Power-Gen International 2010

Recently celebrating 20 years of serving the power industry, Power-Gen International is the largest power industry conference and exhibition in North America ...

New Cooling Water Technology to Boost Water Reuse, Help Cut Costs

Industrial use of water gulps a whopping 20 percent of all the water consumed around the world.

Water treatment plant for steelworks in Slovakia

WARRENDALE, PA, Aug. 23, 2010 -- Siemens has received an order from Slovakia Steel Mills to supply a water treatment plant for its new steelworks....

Cooling water system to enhance distillery production capabilities for MGP Ingredients

ATCHISON, KS, June 11, 2010 -- MGP Ingredients will install of a new, state-of-the-art water cooling system to replace older equipment used to supply water for multiple components of the distillati...

Industrial water treatment equipment order in India secured by H2O Innovation JV

QUEBEC CITY, PQ, Canada, June 8, 2010 -- H2O Innovation's India joint-venture will supply water treatment systems and equipments for industrial customers located in the Indian states of Gujarat and...

Industrial water recycling project to save millions of gallons of drinking water a year in California

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA, May 21, 2010 -- Air Products' manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, Calif., has installed a new water treatment system that uses recycled water instead of potable water in its i...

Historic water agreement ensures electric power, wastewater treatment in Valley through 2050

PHOENIX, AZ, April 1, 2010 -- Five Valley cities, Arizona Public Service and Salt River Project announced today a preliminary agreement of a 40-year comprehensive water contract to provide cooling ...

Chlorine spills by Connecticut power plant resolved through settlement

BOSTON, MA, March 3, 2010 -- The owner and operator of a coal-fired power plant in Montville, CT, will pay a penalty of $140,000 to resolve alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act and oth...



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