List Recognizes Top Water Tech Companies

I edit magazines for both the industrial and municipal water markets. A complaint I hear often on the municipal side is the slow pace of innovation in the water industry and the long and difficult ...

Examining ZLD Options for Electric Power Facilities

Three papers to be presented at the upcoming International Water Conference will discuss zero liquid discharge at power generation facilities from three very different viewpoints: one examines a pr...

New Water Research Center studies cooling water technology at Georgia Power's Plant Bowen

A new technology that could significantly reduce the water needed for power plant cooling is being tested, marking the beginning of research and development at the new Water Research Center (WRC) a...

Packaged lift stations

Metropolitan Industries' MetroRail packaged lift stations are designed to handle raw sewage, stormwater, cooling water and other applications.

Beware of imitation biocides: Dow launches campaign to help users distinguish glutaraldehyde from counterfeit products

Dow Microbial Control has launched a comprehensive educational campaign called "GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE" intended to help customers distinguish glutaraldehyde from counterfeit product opti...

WaterWorld Weekly Newscast: Feb. 6, 2012

Transcript of the Feb. 6, 2012, edition of the WaterWorld Weekly Newscast.

Adsorbent ion exchange products help remove radiation from Fukushima wastewater

Adsorbent ion exchange products are successfully being used by Toshiba Corporation and Shaw Global Services LLC for the cleanup of radiation-contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powe...

WaterWorld Weekly Newscast: Dec. 8, 2011

Transcript of the Dec. 8, 2011, edition of the WaterWorld Weekly Newscast.

Delaware power plant to reduce cooling water usage 95 percent under new permit

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has authorized a water discharge permit for Indian River Power LLC's Millsboro plant that requires a 95 percent reduction in c...

Minimizing Water Discharge, Maximizing Re-Use

As regulations and environmental sensitivity increase, many industrial plants are considering ways to reduce their water discharges.


International Power Machinery Co

Buys and sells both 50- and 60-cycle new and pre-owned electrical, gas, steam and power equipment.

BioWorld Products Inc

Manufactures and markets biotechnology products for wastewater treatment, odor control, natural algae treatment, hydr...

Chemviron Carbon

Manufactures, supplies and develops activated carbon products and services for optimising production processes and sa...

Shakti Swarupa Industries pvt Ltd

Offers pH, conductivity, turbidity, side stream filters, chemical dosing systems and online water monitoring system. ...



Based on same simple, efficient design that has made REGAL Gas Chlorinators the industry standard. Used to de-chlorin...

Chlorinators Inc

Produces gas chlorinators, sulphonators and ammoniators for municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment.

The Series C16 PortaSens II

This portable gas leak detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around p...

GD-1000 Gas Leak Detector

The Model GD-1000 Premier Series Gas Detector is a fast, reliable, easy-to-program instrument for detection of chlori...
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