How Advanced Self-Cleaning Technology is Unlocking Value in Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment Applications

Companies wishing to sustain profitable growth increasingly need wastewater treatment solutions that are affordable, reliable, low-maintenance, and hassle-free to ensure compliance with changing regulations and requirements. Advances in self-cleaning, cross-flow filtration technology are starting to turn heads in the industry, as companies discover they can reduce total suspended solids in a more operationally efficient manner.

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Keeping Chemicals in the Tank: Instrumentation, Monitoring and Control Solutions for Leaking of Overfilled Tanks

Recent events have shown that our water supply is in jeopardy of contamination from leaks or overfills of storage and processing tanks at chemical, petroleum and water/wastewater facilities. Instrumentation exists that can monitor the contents of a vessel and provide an alarm in the event of a leak or overfill event. Further, outfitting tanks with these technologies will provide the security needed to prevent catastrophes.

Addressing Water Quality, Economic and Environmental Concerns with Hydropower Processes

A growing, stable and more environmentally friendly source of energy, hydropower offers a number of advantages, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, low maintenance and operating costs, near immediate output, and little to no waste byproducts, among others. There are, however, a number of economic and environmental challenges associated with hydropower, especially with regard to water quality issues.

Sweden's Big Biogas Potential: Researchers Aim to Shed Light on Generating Biogas from Pulp and Paper Waste Streams

After examining waste streams from mill processes, scientists from Sweden's Linköping University, working with Scandinavian Biogas and consulting company Pöyry Sweden, have concluded that enormous potential exists for generating biogas. The teams studied 70 wastewater streams from 10 processes at seven mills and determined that as much as 100 million normal cubic meters1 of methane per year can be recovered.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Delivers Solution for Difficult-to-Treat Industrial Waters

U.S.-based Spiral Water Technologies, Inc., has developed the next-generation automatic self-cleaning filter technology specifically to address the challenges of difficult-to-treat waters. The company's patented Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter consists of a rugged stainless steel filter screen and a spiral-shaped brush that continuously cleans the screen without any backflush, crossflow or downtime.

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Editor's Letter: California in Hot Water over Disposal of Drilling Wastewater

A recent Environmental Protection Agency audit of the practices and regulations of California Department of Conservation's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources revealed that its wastewater injection wells had been permitted for disposal into high-quality aquifers, ones that were considered usable for drinking or irrigation. As such, the Department has outlined a plan to ensure that the state achieves full compliance.

Duke Energy, U.S. government reach proposed agreement on NC coal plants

Duke Energy has reached a proposed agreement with the U.S. government that, if approved, would close a federal investigation of its subsidiaries, Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Business Services, related to last year's Dan River coal ash spill as well as ash basin operations at other North Carolina coal plants.


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