Expert Q & A: Meeting and Solving Industrial Water Conservation and Regulatory Challenges

U.S. Water Services is a leading national provider of integrated solutions for water treatment. Brand Manager Karen Danielson shares her insights on what's driving industrial water treatment technology innovation and how her company is rising to the challenge.

Report highlights new water opportunities for offshore oil and gas industry

Research and Markets has announced the addition of a new report that addresses innovative water opportunities for the offshore oil and gas industry. Further, the study highlights the many prospects for water companies to provide solutions to meet ongoing market developments.

New Products

Compilation of new products for the industrial water market.

Desalination Trends in the Oil and Gas Industry

As the industrial desalination industry continues to expand, the demand for new technologies used to produce high-quality water supplies and to reclaim contaminated supplies -- including from oil and gas development -- continues to grow. Plants also face ever-increasing financial, environmental and regulatory challenges. It's important that industrial desalination processes recognize these issues and establish some effective solutions they can bring to the table.

Advanced Aeration in Hydraulic Fractured Water Impoundments

Most hydraulic fractured water impoundments use air in some sort of treatment scheme. Various aeration schemes systematically churn water because it is widely believed that doing so promotes evaporation. Deployed irrigation systems are generally pumped waterfalls that flow back into the impoundment. In addition to supporting evaporation, this article will examine the quantifiable benefits of advanced aeration as a water treatment method.

Shale and Unconventional Energy Sources: Water-Intensive Requirements Drive Solutions in Water Management Treatment

While allowing higher performance standards in oil and gas recovery, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are also much more water intensive, generating significant quantities of complex flowback and produced water. As energy demands continue to rise and exploration and production activities expand to meet this need, water management issues are projected to become increasingly more challenging, requiring solutions that are both strategic and effective.

Market Outlook: Calculating the Value of Industrial Wastewater

BlueTech Research recently developed a comprehensive model for determining the quantities of wastewater and biochemical oxygen demand that some of the major industries are producing.

Focused geographically on the United States and Europe, the study examines industries that include pulp and paper processing and manufacturing, chemicals production, meat and poultry, pharmaceuticals production, dairy processing, and the brewing industry.

Peristaltic Metering Pump Solves Biological Buildup Challenge in Industrial Water Reuse Applications

Southern Power of Orlando, Fla., utilized chlorine gas to prevent biological growth at the Stanton Energy Center. However, this required full-time support of an emergency management team, and the utility switched to a 12.5-percent sodium hypochlorite liquid solution. One challenge was its off-gassing nature. As such, Blue-White provided the CHEM-FEED Dual Pump Engineered Skid Systems, equipped with the Flex-Pro A3V Peristaltic Metering Pump.

Water Briefs

News from the nation.

Editor's Letter: A Busy Year for the Center for Sustainable Shale Development

The Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) was conceived in 2013 by a group of philanthropic foundations, environmental organizations and energy companies that came together to promote responsible development of shale gas resources in the Appalachian region. With all the controversy and polarization that fracking incites, an entity like CSSD represents a tremendous opportunity to bridge the gap between the energy industry and environmentalists.


Mar 2015
Volume 15, Issue 2


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