New tracers help identify fracking fluids, improving shale gas wastewater treatment

Scientists at Duke University have developed new geochemical tracers that can identify hydraulic fracturing flowback fluids that have been spilled or released into the environment.

Washington DOE approval granted to HaloSource for hybrid water treatment technology

HaloSource recently announced that it has received the Washington State Department of Ecology's General Use Level Designation for its BHR-P50 hybrid polymer used in conjunction with Chitosan Enhanced Sand Filtration system.

Case Study: Filter reduces flood-induced suspended solids in New Orleans heat exchangers

In New Orleans, fooding from Hurricane Katrina led to an in­crease in TSS, which caused fouling of the heat exchangers, resulting in a loss in efficiency and increase in maintenance costs. As such, Vortisand cross-flow microsand filter provided submicron filtration and high-quality water.

Tanks and Water Storage

US based manufacturer Fibrelite has seen a tremendous increase in inquiries for their lightweight composite access covers ...

ZLD Cuts Wastewater Costs for Metal Finisher

For already quite some time Bodycote, a provider of services for the improvement of metal and alloy properties, was looking at alternatives for its existing wastewater treatment process technology.

Automated solutions help Turkish geothermal power plants analyze data, save water

With help from advanced automated technology from GE, three geothermal power plants in Turkey, owned by Kipaş Holding, have significantly reduced water usage, lowered CO2 emissions, decreased corrosion, and are now using the Industrial Internet to analyze data.  

Excellere Partners teams up with long-time specialty chemical industry leaders

In an effort to pursue further opportunities within the industry, Excellere Partners recently announced that it has partnered with two long-time specialty chemical industry leaders, Paul Turgeon and Boyd Wainscott.

UV disinfection system helps treat water for Alaskan pipeline testing project

A pipeline testing project, which took place near Prudhoe Bay in the North Slope Borough of Alaska, received two skid-mounted ultraviolet systems from Neptune Benson, a manufacturer of commercial filtration and UV disinfection systems and components.

Double-digit growth predicted for plastic pipe market worldwide

Speaking at the recent Plastic Pipes XVII conference and exhibition, Stephen Boros, chairman of the event's organizing committee, noted that four major factors will potentially lead to double-digit growth in the global demand for plastic pipe systems over the next 10 years.

AZ county signs contract to use biogas from WWTP as renewable fuel source

Anaergia and its project partner Grannus Biogas have signed a contract with the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department in Arizona to design-build-finance-own-operate a large-scale biomethane upgrading facility.


Jul 2014
Volume 14, Issue 4


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