Fracking driving PWTE market to reduce, recycle and reuse water, report finds

According to a new report from BCC Research, the North American market for produced water treatment equipment is thriving as many factors work to spur growth. 

AWWA submits comments on EPA's draft hydraulic fracturing assessment

The American Water Works Association has submitted comments on the Environmental Protection Agency's draft study of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas and its potential impact on drinking water resources.

Not Missing a Beat: Temporary Wastewater System Keeps Power Plant Operational During Upgrade

A trailer-mounted ultrafiltration system from MPW Industrial Services is successfully treating runoff wastewater at a coal-fired power plant in the Upper Midwest, enabling officials to replace and upgrade their permanent wastewater treatment system without any service interruption. The company was awarded a contract to provide the system that can treat up to 1 million gallons of wastewater per day during an eight-month outage of the plant's existing treatment system.

Bioreactor Technology Cuts Bulk Contaminants in Food and Beverage Applications

The XCeed bioreactor technology from UOP LLC is an enabling process for bulk treatment of contaminants in a variety of applications and diverse waste streams. The technology is ideally suited for complex, organic wastewater containing fats, greases and high biological oxygen demand levels. The system's compartmentalized plug-flow design and sophisticated biological population lead to highly efficient treatment with low sludge generation and overall costs.

Final Action Imminent on Steam Electric Power Generation ELGs

For the past couple of years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been working on finalizing updates to the Effluent Limit Guidelines (ELG) for the steam electric power generating category. According to EPA's rulemaking schedule, the final action will be signed, sealed and delivered no later than September 30, 2015.

NGWA releases book exploring hydrogeology impacts on heat pump systems

The National Ground Water Association recently announced that it has officially released its long-anticipated newest book, "Understanding Hydrogeology and Its Impact on Large-Scale Geothermal Heat Pump Systems."

Water Connections: Introducing 'Grundfos for Engineers'

Imagine all the knowledge, information and tools you need to specify a highly technical pump system in one place. That's exactly what the new Grundfos for Engineers website gives you -- while also helping you to save time on complex tasks. Launched by the global pump manufacturer, the website addresses common, daily challenges faced by consulting engineers and system designers.

Thinking Energy Savings? Think Advanced Closed-Loop Process Cooling Systems

Manufacturers that rely on process cooling water to consistently produce quality products at competitive prices are regularly challenged to find cost-savings measures wherever possible, including methods to lower ever-increasing energy rates. Thankfully, closed-loop process cooling systems continue to evolve to give decision-makers more opportunities to reduce energy costs -- as well as provide other ways to improve profitability.

A Clear Mission: Multifaceted Ozone at Georgia Aquarium Enables Reuse, Provides Clarity, and Preserves Health

Large municipal aquariums are tasked with the complex mission of tourism, research and education. For the Georgia Aquarium, it is land-locked in an area of severely limited water resources, making exchange water not an option. As such, this article explores how it is embracing large-scale reuse/recycle through ozone and the multiple functions this process can fill regarding disinfection, destruction of residual pharmaceuticals, and water clarity.

Brewing & Winemaking: Sustainable Treatment Options for High-Strength Effluent Challenges

Due to the strength of effluent, many breweries and wineries regularly contend with municipal surcharges or must truck wastewater away to larger plants that are better equipped for treating it.

For these reasons, they are increasingly implementing on-site treatment solutions that work to reduce the strength of discharged effluent or that close the loop on water and wastewater processes, enabling for more efficient water use and decreased wastewater volumes.


Jul 2015
Volume 15, Issue 4



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