Hospital Reduces Water Usage in Cooling Towers with Automation

A California hospital sought to reduce water treatment costs for its HVAC system. As such, it installed U.S. Water’s advanced automation controls, which included wireless monitoring and alarm notifications to manage the overall program performance and equipment to monitor conductivity, pH, scale inhibitor levels, tower makeup usage, and tower bleed usage. Results include reduction in water usage, lower water and sewage bills and more efficient monitoring.

Paving the Way: Road Construction Best Practices Aim to Protect Canada’s Forest Wetlands, Waterfowl Habitat

FPInnovations, Ducks Unlimited Canada and their partners are working with Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc., to improve knowledge of wetland management by conducting research to support the Canadian forest sector. Further, they are endeavoring to mitigate the impacts of road construction on boreal forest wetlands and waterfowl habitats across Canada through the creation of a best management field guide for resource roads.

Water Shortage Limitations on California's 'New Gold Rush'

California is experiencing one of its worst water shortages in history and has the highest cost in the nation for both supply water and disposal of wastewater. However, the state has a potential savior in the Monterey Play oil shale. Given the persistent drought conditions and competing demands for what little amount of water there is, oil and energy companies must work together to conserve and manage water without putting a substantial burden on available water resources.

High-Purity Water: Demanding Requirements Drive Treatment Advancements in Ultrapure Water Production

The global ultrapure water market is expected to reach $4.9 billion in 2015 and grow at 8 percent over the next couple years, driven largely by Asia and China, where ultrapure water systems are increasingly needed in response to growth in coal-fired power plants and a boom in electronics and generic drug manufacturing. In the U.S., higher demand is expected for ultrapure water systems next year as a result of growth in gas turbine and combined cycle power plants.

AODD Pumps Enhance Flow Rates for Industrial Applications

Wilden, part of Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group, has introduced the Advanced FIT line of AODD Pumps that feature superior flow rates and easier installation in a variety of industrial applications, including ceramics, chemicals, oil & gas, pulp & paper, and water treatment, to name a few.

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Major Texas company to pay $1.6M civil penalty for CWA oil spill violations

The Department of Justice and the EPA have announced that Superior Crude Gathering has agreed to pay a civil penalty for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act stemming from a crude oil spill in 2010 from tanks at the company's oil storage facility in the town of Ingleside, Texas.

Water Availability is Critical Piece of Shale Resources Puzzle

As the development of shale resources ramps up across the globe, the availability of fresh water (or rather the lack thereof) is likely to present some significant challenges. Such is the gist of the new report, "Global Shale Gas Development: Water Availability & Business Risks," from the World Resources Institute, which examined freshwater availability worldwide and found that commercial shale development on most every continent could be affected by water stress.

Kurita to acquire valuable ICL business units in asset purchase agreement

Kurita Water Industries and ICL have entered into an asset purchase agreement to allow Kurita to acquire ICL's Performance Products' aluminum, paper chemical and water treatment business units based in Ludwigshafen and Dusseldorf, Germany, as well as in Europe and China.

USDA, NFWF partnership to support ongoing Gulf restoration from Deepwater Horizon oil spill

A new USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation partnership will provide additional support for restoration of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem in response to impacts occurring as a result of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.


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