Vortex-shedding flowmeters

Craft brewers sign comment letter in support of CWA safeguards for U.S. waters

Weighing in on the national debate over clean water protections, 32 members of the "Brewers for Clean Water" campaign signed onto a comment letter in support of safeguards under the Clean Water Act.

Three universities form alliance to help solve major water challenges in Northeast

Water experts at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Drexel University and Rowan University have partnered to help solve the increasingly complex challenges affecting water resources in the region, from shrinking supplies to industrial contamination to climate change.

Product Showcase

Collection of new products of special interest to the municipal water and wastewater markets.

ConocoPhillips issues contract to conduct water treatment study in oil, gas production

ConocoPhillips, in collaboration with industry partners under the Petroleum Environment Research Forum, has formulated a study to identify and explore the application of new and more sustainable, cost-efficient water treatment technologies used in oil and gas production.

CA American Water test slant well approved for proposed desalination project

In a unanimous decision made during its regular meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 13, the California Coastal Commission approved California American Water's application to construct a test slant well for its proposed desalination project.

Russia oil refinery to receive advanced membrane bioreactors for WWTP upgrade

Koch Membrane Systems has been selected to provide its PURON MBR modules for a wastewater treatment plant upgrade at a refinery in Russia. The system is designed for an average flow of 24,000 cubic meters per day, with peaks of up to 28,800 m³/d.

IDE joins Fair Canada to expand footprint in Alberta's water treatment, oil sands market

IDE Technologies announced that is has partnered with Fair Canada Engineering to expand its business in the Canadian water treatment and oil sands market.

Select Energy, X-Chem/Terra form strategic partnership for oilfield water management

Select Energy Services has announced a strategic partnership with X-Chem/Terra, a premier oilfield wastewater treatment and recycling company.

USGS report indicates national water use at lowest levels in over 40 years

According to a new USGS report, water use across the country has reached its lowest recorded level in nearly 45 years. New statistics indicate that about 355 billion gallons of water per day were withdrawn for use in the entire U.S. during 2010.


Jan 2015
Volume 15, Issue 1


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Buys and sells both 50- and 60-cycle new and pre-owned electrical, gas, steam and power equipment.

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GD-1000 Gas Leak Detector

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