EPA awards Texas $2.5M to address petroleum leaks in underground storage tanks

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality a total of $2,506,000 to prevent and respond to petroleum leaks occurring from underground storage tanks.

Industrial Process: Cooling Water Recovery

A large California power generator is using membrane technologies to treat and reuse cooling tower blowdown in a ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) process. In drought-stricken California, this ZLD system has set a standard for water conservation on an industrial scale.

Oilfield Produced Water Management: Which Technologies Will Gush to Success?

The global oil industry is emerging as a surprisingly fertile arena for the development of a growing number of innovative water treatment technologies.  

Gables Energy Partners acquires Electrolytic Technologies Corp's certain assets, intellectual property

Gables Energy Partners has announced the acquisition of the intellectual property and certain assets of Electrolytic Technologies Corporation by their affiliate, ETC Chemicals, LLC. Terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed due to confidentiality agreement provisions.

Maine pulp mill, CT cardboard manufacturing company settle CWA violations

Facing EPA allegations of violating the federal Clean Water Act, two major companies operating under the control of Cascades USA, Inc. have agreed on a settlement.

Verderflex introduces new industrial hose pump for medium-flow applications

Following its Dura 45 hose pump, Verderflex has announced an expansion to its Dura 55 range. This pump is designed to deliver over 20-percent more flow, increasing the Dura Hose pump family's flow range from <1 l/hr to 15.3 m³/hr at pressures up to 16 bar.

Peristaltic pump replacement improves Swiss airport's water treatment system

Verderflex recently provided a cost-effective solution to a Swiss airport that had been experiencing significant problems with its water softening treatment. The local water supply required treatment to prevent scaling in the pipework.

Genesis Water awarded European Patent for high-speed dewatering technology

Genesis Water recently announced that the European Patent Office has granted European Patent No. 1286924 to the company's dewatering technology.

Blue Plains WWTP now operating nation's first-of-its-kind thermal hydrolysis process

DC Water's Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant is now operating the Cambi thermal hydrolysis process, which serves as the first of its kind in the U.S. and the largest Cambi system in the world.

New Zealand farms improve demanding effluent transfers with progressing cavity pump

NOV Mono has provided a Mono progressing cavity pump to replace a number of centrifugal pumps at Castle Glen Farms in the town of Foxton, New Zealand, in an effort to transfer animal effluent over considerable distances.  


Jan 2015
Volume 15, Issue 1


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