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Adapting to More Stringent Cooling Water Discharge Guidelines

Plant personnel across a broad spectrum must deal with tighter National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) guidelines for cooling water systems, as the Environmental Protection Agency and individual state regulators more closely examine wastewater issues.

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Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.

Editor's Letter: Innovation is BLOOMing in Ontario

In the food and beverage industry, Ontario’s BLOOM Centre for Sustainability has made it its mission to fill that gap, serving as a “connecting bridge” between clients with water or wastewater problems and the technology providers who might solve them. BLOOM’s goal is to understand what’s happening from a water use perspective, how wastewater is being managed, what the challenges are, and what kind of success the client is looking for.

Expert Q&A: The Significance of Reuse in Sustainable Management of Water Resources

An emphasis on efficient and sustainable use of water resources intensifies, so too does the need for advanced water reuse technologies. Snehal Desai, Global Business Director for Dow & Process Solutions, talks with WaterWorld’s Angela Godwin at World Water-Tech North America in Toronto to offer his perspective on where the market is headed and what’s driving it.

Acid Mine Drainage: A Reusable Water Resource

Implementing sustainable and financially viable methods to reuse vast quantities of acid mine water is an area of relatively new, but growing, interest for mining operations. With the advent of highly-optimized treatment technologies, new possibilities for water recycling have emerged that open up options for the safe disposition of these toxic wastewaters. Further, new options have been introduced that streamline the costs associated with acid mine drainage processing.

Being Wise with Wastewater: Exploring Wastewater Challenges, Solutions in the Food and Beverage Market

Food and beverage manufacturing uses large quantities of water for many purposes. When properly allocating this water usage and managing its effluent, these processes will benefit from conservation and treatment solutions that are cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Further, improving these efforts is critical to reducing high water consumption, preventing pollution into waterbodies and preserving public health and surrounding wildlife.

Electric Power Industry: Water Availability, Regulations Drive Advanced Treatment Solutions, New Approaches

In the coming decades, soaring global energy demand driven by expanding population growth and commercial and industrial activity is expected to create an overwhelming need for water supplies. With water withdrawals associated with electrical power production accounting for one of the largest water uses in the U.S. and worldwide, new water reduction strategies and more sustainable treatment solutions are needed for conserving freshwater resources.

New pipeline helps Australian water provider deliver recycled water for industrial uses

Hunter Water, an Australian-based water and wastewater service provider, has commissioned a new advanced water treatment plant and a 5-mile pipeline that will be used to transport recycled water to industrial users in Kooragang Island, New South Wales, Australia.


Mar 2015
Volume 15, Issue 2


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