Hydraulic control panels

Nov 7, 2013 Val-Matic hydraulic control panels use the highest quality components available and are designed ...

C-Level View of the Market

Nov 7, 2013 CEOs of major water and wastewater equipment companies convened in Chicago on Tuesday, Sept. 24, ...

Perchlorate remediation system treats groundwater at NV industrial site

Nov 7, 2013 A large-scale fluidized bed bioreactor system for American Pacific Corporation began for the biod...

BWA Water Additives showcases industrial water biocides, oil & gas scale inhibitor

Nov 1, 2013 WA Water Additives will showcase its biocides, Bellacide® 355 and Bellacide® 301 at the Inte...

Clean Water Act violations in Arkansas settled by EPA

Nov 1, 2013 An EPA and Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation consent agreement and final order will resolve vi...

Product Review

Nov 1, 2013 Compilation of product and news announcements focused on Pumps, Motors & Drive Systems

Fracking Wastewater Management

Nov 1, 2013 With the already significant fracking industry set for further rapid expansion in the US, the dem...

New Literature

Oct 29, 2013

Compilation of print and digital information resources for the industrial water market

System neutralizes alkaline wastewater in process industries

Oct 28, 2013 The SOLVOCARB process from Linde North America provides a fast and economical way for process ind...

The growing interest in generating renewable energy from anaerobic digestion

Oct 25, 2013 More companies in key industrial sectors are recognizing the significant potential economic benef...



Based on same simple, efficient design that has made REGAL Gas Chlorinators the industry standard. Used to de-chlorinate water, wastewater and industrial process water with sulfur dioxide. Made in USA.

Chlorinators Inc

Produces gas chlorinators, sulphonators and ammoniators for municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment.

The Series C16 PortaSens II

This portable gas leak detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around process equipment and piping, or in confined spaces prior to entry.

GD-1000 Gas Leak Detector

The Model GD-1000 Premier Series Gas Detector is a fast, reliable, easy-to-program instrument for detection of chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other specified gases in air.