Oil and Gas: Dynamic Treatment Challenges Abound in Vast, Booming Industry

Apr 23, 2014 Oil and gas comprise many markets, and some have water and wastewater treatment challenges that a...

Exploring New Technologies: Water Research Center Paves Way for Better Water Quality, Conservation in Power Industry

Apr 23, 2014 Georgia Power recently launched its new Water Research Center at Plant Bowen near the city of Car...

Continuous Flow Verification: Flow Switch/Monitor for Industrial Process Analyzers, Sample Handling Systems

Apr 23, 2014 The Model FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor from Fluid Components International is a universal f...

Water Briefs

Apr 23, 2014

Collection of industrial water news headlines.

Flooded Argentina oil refinery receives restoration with dewatering pumps

Apr 17, 2014 A recently-flooded oil refinery outside the city of La Plata in Argentina has been restored thank...

USGS releases new Produced Waters Geochemical Database

Apr 17, 2014

The U.S. Geological Survey recently released its new Produced Waters Geochemical Database.

EPA, Coast Guard cleaning up millions of gallons of hazardous sludge, liquids at CA pulp mill

Apr 11, 2014 Millions of gallons of hazardous materials and toxic sludge are being removed from the former Sam...

Methane filtering technology improves potable water quality for Dutch water company

Mar 19, 2014 A new method that filters methane from water in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way...

Valves, Fittings & Controls

Mar 19, 2014 Complilation of product and news annoucements focused on Valves, Fittings & Controls

Corrosion Control

Mar 19, 2014

Collection of product and news annoucements focused on Corrosion Conrol


International Power Machinery Co

Buys and sells both 50- and 60-cycle new and pre-owned electrical, gas, steam and power equipment.

BioWorld Products Inc

Manufactures and markets biotechnology products for wastewater treatment, odor control, natural algae treatment, hydr...

Chemviron Carbon

Manufactures, supplies and develops activated carbon products and services for optimising production processes and sa...

Shakti Swarupa Industries pvt Ltd

Offers pH, conductivity, turbidity, side stream filters, chemical dosing systems and online water monitoring system. ...



Based on same simple, efficient design that has made REGAL Gas Chlorinators the industry standard. Used to de-chlorin...

Chlorinators Inc

Produces gas chlorinators, sulphonators and ammoniators for municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment.

The Series C16 PortaSens II

This portable gas leak detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around p...

GD-1000 Gas Leak Detector

The Model GD-1000 Premier Series Gas Detector is a fast, reliable, easy-to-program instrument for detection of chlori...