FLORIDA:Water & Wastewater Technician Apprentice City of Newberry

Apr 21, 2015 City of Newberry has issued the following news release:The City of Newberry is accepting applications for individuals to fill the full-time position of Water & Wastewater Technician Apprentice. This position works as part of a crew or individ...

FLORIDA: Reclaimed Water Service Interruption

Apr 21, 2015 City of Marco Island has issued the following news release:Please be advised that there will be an interruption of RECLAIMED WATER service on Monday, April 20th, 2015. RECLAIMED WATER will be turned off beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Monday April 20th...

Conference in Ohio to Discuss Algal Toxins, But Effects of Changing Climate Should Also Be on the Agenda

Apr 21, 2015 Natural Resources Defense Council has issued the following news release:Can you imagine not being able to drink water from your own sink for three days, instead having to get it from a nearby fire station because it is unsafe? Last summer Toledo ...

FLORIDA:Homestead Wins Annual Drinking Water Taste Test Competition!

Apr 21, 2015 City of Homestead has issued the following news release:A team of celebrity judges awarded Homestead the honor of Best Tasting Drinking Water 2015 in a blind taste test during the annual Florida Section American Water Works Association Region VII...

WETEX 2015 records remarkable international participation

Apr 21, 2015 DUBAI, 20th April, 2015 (WAM) -- The 17th Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX 2015) has witnessed remarkable international participation as it hosts national pavilions from many countries across the world. It also hosted a...

Washington: PQUA system makes waste water drinkable 'in minutes'

Apr 21, 2015 The Institution of Engineering and Technology has issued the following news release:Engineers in Mexico say they have developed a technique for purifying sea water, or waste water from households or industrial facilities, in less than two and hal...

Take precautions to reduce health risks after flooding

Apr 21, 2015

The Government of New Brunswick has issued the following news release:

New Brunswickers are encouraged to take precautions with their drinking water and food supplies when cleaning up after flooding.

Minnesota: MNDOT cited for stormwater violations on Highway 53 improvement project

Apr 21, 2015

Pollution Control Agency of Minnesota has issued the following news release:

Road construction projects usually mean necessary detours and delays for travelers. Sometimes they may prove hazardous to the environment, too.

US Contract Notice: Defense Logistics Agency (Virginia) Issues Solicitation for "Privatization of the Electric, Water, and Wastewater Utility Systems at Joint Base Lewis-McChord"

Apr 21, 2015

Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations Officer has issued requirement for "Privatization of the Electric, Water, and Wastewater Utility Systems at Joint Base Lewis-McChord"

Japan Patent Office Receives Suigen Co Ltd's Patent Application for Drinking Water Supply System for Emergency

Apr 21, 2015

Publication Name: Engineering Patent News Patent Application Number: JP2012289193A International Patent Classification Codes: C02F1/28, B01D21/01, B01D24/00, B01D24/36, C02F1/50, C02F1/52, C02F1/76, E03B11/00 Patent Status: Application