Notice of Lodging of Proposed Consent Decree Under the Clean Water Act

Nov 25, 2014 On November 19, 2014, the Department of Justice lodged a proposed Consent Decree with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio in the lawsuit entitled United States and the State of Ohio v. City of Lima, Ohio, Civil Actio...

Call for Innovative Wastewater Technologies for Consideration at the WEF/WERF Forum on Intensification of Resource Recovery

Nov 25, 2014 The Water Environment Federation issued the following news release:The Water Environment Federation (WEF) and the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) are currently seeking cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies that provide intens...

Echologics wins contract to assess condition of WSSC's buried water assets

Nov 25, 2014

WSSC will deploy Echologics' ePULSE technology, the Company's proprietary and patented acoustic pipe condition assessment service. The contract is for one year with options for WSSC to renew it for two additional years.

Invasive Plant Control at Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Nov 25, 2014 Massachusetts Water Resources Authority issued the following news release:For the last few years, MWRA has been battling Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L.), an invasive plant found growing in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Last winter ...

Survey to seek better water access,

Nov 25, 2014 alternatives to dam at Mae WongWASU VIPOOSANAPATTHE NATIONTHE Department of Water Resources (DWR) has begun a survey of water sources in Nakhon Sawan's Lad Yao district, to investigate canal and lake dredging to be implemented in 2016.

Teravalve Introduces Water Conservation Valve that Can Save Water bill by 10% to 30%

Nov 25, 2014 Summit New Jersey (prbuzz) November 24 2014 - TeraValve has developed a patented water savings valve that can save thousands of dollars in water and sewage bills for commercial water users. The company also offers a performance guarantee after con...

Water Corp boosts security around Harding Dam

Nov 25, 2014 The Water Corporation says it has stepped up security around a crucial drinking water source in WA's Pilbara to help deter people from recreating in exclusion zones.The utility said additional security equipment and patrols were in place in the tw...

Pará to launch waterworks concession

Nov 25, 2014

The city of Marabá in Brazil's Pará state is preparing a tender for a 35-year concession to operate municipal potable water supply and wastewater services, according to the minutes of a city hall meeting.

North Carolina Department of Utilities Commission Issues Order Canceling Certificate of Authority of Ocean Lynn Lake, LLC

Nov 25, 2014 The North Carolina Utilities Commission issued the following order:In the Matter of Ocean Lynn Lake, LLC, 3399 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 520, Atlanta, Georgia 30326 - Cancellation of Authority for Charging for Water and Sewer Utility Service in Th...

Chatham Water Utilities Seeks Customer Feedback through Dec. 31

Nov 25, 2014

Chatham County issued the following news release:

Chatham County Water Utilities asks its customers to provide feedback on any interactions they have had in person at the office, by phone, by email or at their homes.