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Permeable pavement gaining popularity as smart stormwater management approach

Aug 4, 2015 According to new reports, low-impact development is gaining popularity as a smarter approach to s...

Bold and the Beautiful: How Complementing Gray Infrastructure with Green Helps Ease Pressure on Stormwater Systems While Beautifying Dense Urban Environments

Aug 1, 2015 Rain gardens. Bioswales. Permeable pavement. These may not sound like the typical infrastructure ...

Seattle releases citywide green infrastructure strategy to combat stormwater pollution

Jul 30, 2015 In light of polluted stormwater runoff threatening water quality in Puget Sound, Seattle Mayor Ed...


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Stormwater BMPs -- You've got questions; We've got answers

Mon Sep 16 08:26:00 CDT 2013
Cities, towns, and communities across the country spend millions -- in some cases, billions -- of dollars to protect water quality and remain compliant with state and feder...


Portable Parallel Analysis: Streamlining Distribution System Water Testing

One Hach customer used the SL1000 Parallel Portable Analyzer (PPA) to test 6 parameters simultane...

How Calibration Capabilities helped provide Cleaner Drinking Water

Having the ability to perform special  calibrations with  customer specific piping allo...

What Makes Corzan CPVC Piping Systems Superior to PVC

Through the years, piping systems have evolved. The concept of transporting fluids has remained t...


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Avoiding trouble and saving money in water distribution operations

Join Bentley's Tom Walski who has worked on these kinds of problems and will point out ways you can take advantage of hydraulic models for better operation of your infrastructure.

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Effective Fleet Management

Effective fleet management helps to improve driver safety, reduce fuel spend, and improve efficiency while providing organizations the insights they need to improve performance. Fleet management in...
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Pressure Sewer Operations - Secrets to Upgrading the Customer Experience

If you’re considering pressure sewers for your community or already have them, this could be the most valuable webinar you see this year.

Industrial Water Reuse: How to Enter an Expanding Market

The first in a three-part series, Black & Veatch, industry, and municipal experts will discuss the opportunities available to industries and municipalities through the provision and utilization...



Global manufacturer of analytical sensors/electrodes, transmitters and accessories for online, laboratory and portabl...


Manufacturer and supplier of FLOWTITE GRP piping systems and storage tanks, provision of water management consultancy...

Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd

Manufacturers of non-contacting ultrasonic level, open channel flow and pump controllers. 3° effective beam angle and...


MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH is the leading independent manufacturer of micro, ultra and nanofiltration membranes and modules.


HydroVu Data Services

Get real-time, decision-quality data on your remote monitoring sites anywhere, anytime, with HydroVu Data Services. H...

smarTROLL RDO Handheld

The smarTROLL Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO) Handheld combines the industry-leading optical DO sensor with revolutiona...

smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld

The smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld system combines industry-leading water quality sensors with revolutionary smart...

Single Point Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter Model 106-SPI-MV

The SPI-MV is installed and calibrated in conjunction with a Singer Valve to provide an accurate flow rate and is ava...
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