EPA green infrastructure grant to help improve Lake Michigan water quality

EPA announced a $500,000 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant to Green Bay, WI, to fund a green infrastructure project to improve water quality in Lake Michigan.

NASA launches innovative global precipitation measurement project

NASA and JAXA's joint Earth-observing mission, the Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory, was launched into space on Thursday, Feb. 27.

Harvested rainwater in South Africa harbors pathogens, finds new study

According to research from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, pathogens are inhabiting harvested rainwater across the region.

NJ Governor aims to protect water systems from disaster with $2.95M emergency bridge loan

NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust, working with the Department of Environmental Protection, has closed on its first-ever disaster-emergency bridge loan.

EPA stormwater calculator receives climate assessment update

The EPA released phase-II of the National Stormwater Calculator and Climate Assessment Tool package.

A Flood of Knowledge: Dam Safety Lessons Learned from Colorado's Recent Floods

In September 2013, 14 inches of rain drenched Colorado’s Front Range and put the state’s history of proactive flood control to the test. Nearly six months have passed, allowing for a better perspec...

Documentary explores innovative green solutions, addresses nation's water blues

A Penn State documentary explores how U.S. cities are adopting green solutions for aging infrastructure, stormwater runoff and droughts.

Case Study: Stormwater management system solves PA business center's infiltration issues

PA's Compass Business Center sought CULTEC for a stormwater management system providing detention/infiltration at a Lehigh County construction site.

Unique NASA film illustrates Earth's water journey, precipitation research initiative

A unique film from NASA illustrating water's journey and extensive impact as it cycles through Earth will soon premiere on spherical movie screens.

EPA announces nearly $5M in grants to protect U.S. watersheds

EPA recently announced grants totalling nearly $5M for five universities as part of its safe and sustainable water resources research program.



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