Sewage, water pollution in Niagara River to be reduced with approved plan

The Buffalo Sewer Authority's plan to reduce the amount of sewage and stormwater runoff that flow from the city of Buffalo, N.Y.'s combined sewer system has been approved by EPA and the NY State De...

Water Week 2014: Water leaders, federal agencies seek climate change resilience

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies and the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies hosted a Water Resilience Summit to explore climate-driven resilience challenges that utilities f...

Mission: Possible: NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Initiative Aims to Enhance Water Resource Management from Space

NASA’s newly-developed Global Precipitation Measurement mission comprises a network of nine internationally-coordinated satellites that provide highly-accurate and instantaneous projections of rain...

Taking the Rains: Examining Stormwater Collection and Treatment Methods for Reuse

Rainwater harvesting is rapidly becoming a standard process for many homeowners, institutions and industrial plants as a way to collect a natural resource and use it to reduce the amount and cost o...

Case Study: Spiral-wound pipe rehabilitation keeps water flowing in Fort Worth, Texas

The storm drain system that serves downtown Fort Worth, Texas, recently developed voids in some locations, affectING its structural integrity. SAK Construction took on the rehabilitation challenge ...

Winners of DE rain barrel contest promoting stormwater management announced

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transportation have selected finalists in a month-long rain-barrel painting contest. 

Belgium region to improve flood forecasting with modular software package

As part of its flood control and mitigation systems, the Flemish Environment Agency, Belgium, selected a Innovyze's modular software package.

Green infrastructure helps PA city cut major stormwater management costs

According to a recent EPA report, a cost-effective solution to controlling stormwater while providing numerous economic benefits can be green infrastructure.

New financing program aims to help CA residents conserve water amid drought

Amid CA's drought conditions, over 120 communities across the state are preparing to enable local property owners to reduce their water usage through the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity program.

EPA green infrastructure grant to help improve Lake Michigan water quality

EPA announced a $500,000 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant to Green Bay, WI, to fund a green infrastructure project to improve water quality in Lake Michigan.



Treats water with varying flow rates. Features “flow-proportional” or “step-rate” control modes, automatic or manual operation, adjustable “low flo...


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