Chlorinated water disinfection celebrates 100 years of success

In 1913, Siemens installed the first commercially-produced gas chlorinator for water disinfection in a public drinking water system.

Dual-vessel skid technology helps minimize disinfection byproducts in Texas water system

Three TIGG Corporation activated carbon dual-vessel skid systems went online in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

Disinfection market set for billion dollar growth up to 2019

Disinfection may be a common and widely applied tertiary treatment technique for water and wastewater applications, yet a broad range of technological options will mean this area will still see fut...

Orica's fifth treatment system in AL to be installed in city of Florence

Alabama's fifth MIEX® Treatment system will be established in the city of Florence's Wilson Lake Water Treatment Plant.

MO disinfection project to improve WWTPs effluent quality

Kansas City, MO, Water Service Department is working on Blue River WWTP Disinfection project to improve the quality of effluent. 

Antiquated NJ wastewater treatment plant transformed into innovative facility

NJ American Water recently transformed the antiquated Pottersville Sewage Treatment Plant into a modern and innovative facility.

Ultraviolet disinfection system receives NSF-61 certification for drinking water

A number of U.S. utilities are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified, including Engineered Treatment Systems for its UV drinking water systems.

Tiny Treatment, Big Solutions: Nanoscience Offers Potential to Enhance Water Purification Techniques

Once considered a farfetched notion, nanotechnology is now a reality and is starting to be incorporated into different treatment applications, including membranes and adsorbents and processes like ...

Chlorine sensors

Sensorex's FCL500 series free chlorine sensors use advanced amperometric measurement technology to provide highly accurate monitoring of free chlorine in process applications.

Drinking water treatment system donated to Haiti hospital by Severn Trent

Severn Trent and Operation Blessing International recently donated a sodium hypochlorite disinfection system to a Haiti hospital.



Used to combat disinfection byproducts (DBPS) in chloramination and to neutralize acids. Built with rugged materials designed to resist the effects...

TRS/TLS system

made for water and air disinfection purposes, submersible and immersion tube systems with protection glass sleeves

WDIS Disinfection Controller

Walchem’s WDIS Series controller will reliably and economically control your water treatment disinfection process. It includes four standard sensor...

Hypo Trak

Hypo Trak provides critical information to operators feeding sodium hypochlorite for disinfection. Tracks strength degradation, can automatically ...