Chlorine sensors

Sensorex's FCL500 series free chlorine sensors use advanced amperometric measurement technology to provide highly-accurate monitoring of free chlorine in process applications.

UV disinfection system aims to improve IL city drinking water quality

The city of Moline, IL, selected Engineered Treatment Systems as its UV system provider for the city's drinking water.

UV disinfection system to treat viruses over using chlorine at NH municipality

The town of Hillsborough, N.H., will adopt a new UV water disinfection system to treat for viruses rather than only using conventional chlorine.

Disinfection system harnesses sunlight to produce safer drinking water

Two Purdue University professors have developed prototypes of a water disinfection system to harness ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Water Briefs

Collection of industrial water news headlines

Carcinogenic compounds formed during water filtration to be researched

American Water was awarded a grant to investigate removal mechanisms of nitrosamine precursors during the filtration of drinking water.

U.S. water treatment equipment market worth $13B by 2017, finds report

A new report indicated total demand for water treatment equipment in the U.S. is expected to grow 6.0% yearly through 2017.

MT treatment plant to receive upgrades for nutrient removal requirements

A Montana water treatment plant will become one of the first operators in the region to satisfy tough new standards for nutrient removal.

Ozone generation system contracted for Jinshan Water Plant, China

The Jinshan First Water Plant in Shanghai has contracted Xylem to provide a RMB 11.48 million (US$1.87 million) ozone generation and introduction system...

Columbia wastewater treatment efficiency, costs improved with new contract

Xylem is developing a secondary wastewater treatment solution to eliminate effluent odor problems and improve water quality in Tolu, Colombia.



Used to combat disinfection byproducts (DBPS) in chloramination and to neutralize acids. Built with rugged materials designed to resist the effects...

TRS/TLS system

made for water and air disinfection purposes, submersible and immersion tube systems with protection glass sleeves

WDIS Disinfection Controller

Walchem’s WDIS Series controller will reliably and economically control your water treatment disinfection process. It includes four standard sensor...

Hypo Trak

Hypo Trak provides critical information to operators feeding sodium hypochlorite for disinfection. Tracks strength degradation, can automatically ...
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