Tertiary filters

The Aqua MiniDisk tertiary filter features OptiFiber® pile cloth media and is designed to provide economical treatment of smaller flows with the added advantage of retrofitting existing traveling b...

Gravity sand filter

The Gravity Sand Filter from Headworks BIO is an upflow, continuous backwash, granular media filter that efficiently removes suspended and colloidal solids while providing a continuous supply of fi...

Skidded filter systems

Keystone Filter offers small skid mounted systems combining nanofiber, polypropylene, polyester, microfiberglass, and/or cellulose filter cartridges and filter housings constructed of a variety of ...

Water filters

Orival automatic self-cleaning filters can be used to treat effluent for use in service water applications, including cleaning devices on primary bar screens, spray bars on sludge belt presses and ...

Filtration system

The WWETCO FlexFilter™ from WesTech uses a synthetic compressible media to capture solids in a high rate filtration process.

Xylem announces new water solutions, expansion plans for Middle East

Xylem Inc. has announced that it will expand its presence in the Middle East region with the opening of new offices in key regional markets. 

Filter underdrain system to help Kansas City water treatment plant improve backwash processes

Severn Trent Services was awarded a contract to supply its filter underdrain system for the City of Kansas City, Mo., Water Services Department’s primary water treatment plant.

Disc filter: Kruger Inc.

Hydrotech Discfilters from Kruger offer high filtration capacity, low energy usage, and a very small footprint.

Ceramic membranes: SJE-Rhombus

Reduced cost desalination/filtration research? Up to $400,000 available in grants

New technologies that reduce the cost, improve operation and reliability and develop innovations in desalination and water purification technologies could be awarded up to $400,000 in grants...


Media Water Filters

Multi-media water filter system represents a significant improvement over single-media filters. This is primarily due primarily to improved filter bed action based on the innovative use and selecti...

AquaDiamond® Cloth Media Filter

AquaDiamond® Filters with OptiFiber® cloth media offer a lower profile, diamond configuration, with several design and performance advantages compared to traveling bridge sand filters: 2-3 times th...