Gravity sand filter

Municipal wastewater treatment is experiencing tremendous change with effluent discharge permits requiring higher levels of advanced treatment, including tertiary filtration.

Skidded filter systems

Keystone Filter offers small skid-mounted systems combining nanofiber, polypropylene, polyester, microfiberglass, and/or cellulose filter cartridges, as well as filter housings constructed of a var...

Product Focus - Finer Filtration: Separation Technology Helps WWTP Reduce Pollutants in Effluent

The Village of Maybrook WWTP in Orange County, N.Y., has planned to upgrade its facility and expand its capacity to meet more stringent SPDES requirements. As part of the process, the township will...

Largest retrofitted membrane filtration treatment plant to open in PA

The largest retrofitted membrane filtration water treatment plant in the United States will soon open in the city of Erie, Pa.

Carcinogenic compounds formed during water filtration to be researched

American Water was awarded a grant to investigate removal mechanisms of nitrosamine precursors during the filtration of drinking water.

Bioretention systems

Compared to traditional bioretention systems, Filterra Boxless can save up to 33% on installed cost with a footprint one-fifth the size, provide 100% of the stormwater quality performance and offer...

Filtration offers Asia markets cost-effective alternative to water recycling, finds study

The filtration market earned revenues of $6.11 billion in 2012 and is estimates to reach $9.18 billion in 2019, finds a Frost & Sullivan report.

Membrane equipment to comprise half of cross-flow market in 2014, finds study

According to Mcilvaine Company, sales of cross-flow membrane equipment and replacement modules will exceed $10.4 billion in 2014.

Portable WWTP

Cemen Tech's Wetworks portable wastewater treatment plant combines complete biological treatment via a moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) and U.S.-patented nano-coated flat sheet ceramic membrane filtrat...

Product Focus: Filtration System

Abranch of environmental contractor PSC in Elk Gove Village, Ill., was hired by a local electrical utility to dewater vaults and manholes in Chicago and its suburbs.


Media Water Filters

Multi-media water filter system represents a significant improvement over single-media filters. This is primarily due primarily to improved filter bed action based on the innovative use and selecti...

AquaDiamond® Cloth Media Filter

AquaDiamond® Filters with OptiFiber® cloth media offer a lower profile, diamond configuration, with several design and performance advantages compared to traveling bridge sand filters: 2-3 times th...