Hong Kong justifies $12/m3 expected desalination cost in Tseung Kwan O

The Hong Kong government has said that its planned 90 million m3/year desalination plant will cost more per unit of water than other plants in the region due to inflation and distribution and custo...

Toro Equipment introduces new line of DAF equipment

A new line of dissolved air flotation equipment has recently been introduced by Toro Equipment.

Peru RO desalination contract awarded to Canadian firm

Canadian firm BluMetric Environmental Inc. has been awarded a US$1.38 million contract to supply a Reverse Osmosis system to a large diversified industrial chemicals producer in Peru...

Desalination contract awarded by Australia’s Xstrata Coal

Desalination company Osmoflo has secured an AUS$12 million contract to boost water conditioning and desalination capacity at Xstrata Coal’s Ulan mine in NSW...

Reed beds to filter East London’s drinking water from sludge

A £4.5 million reed bed system that will filter reservoir water to supply drinking water into parts of East London is now fully operational...

Denitrification system

The Leopold elimi-NITE® 2.0 denitrification system is a gravity, deep bed, mono-media sand filter designed to remove nitrate and phosphorous to meet stringent effluent discharge water requirements ...

Solar-powered nanofilters could help clean contaminated waterways

Scientists have developed solar-powered nanofilters that help remove antibiotics from the water in lakes and rivers.

Pall Corp. to present membrane technology solutions at Peru mine water conference

Pall Corp will present membrane technology solutions at the Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments conference in Lima, Peru.

Severn Trent to provide denitrification filter technology to China wastewater treatment plant

Severn Trent Services signed a contract to provide its denitrification filter technology to a China wastewater treatment plant.

Catchment forecasting

Innovyze has announced the release of ICMLive for real-time operational forecasting of urban and rural catchments.


Media Water Filters

Multi-media water filter system represents a significant improvement over single-media filters. This is primarily due primarily to improved filter bed action based on the innovative use and selecti...

AquaDiamond® Cloth Media Filter

AquaDiamond® Filters with OptiFiber® cloth media offer a lower profile, diamond configuration, with several design and performance advantages compared to traveling bridge sand filters: 2-3 times th...