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Compilation of print and digital information resources for the municipal water and wastewater markets.

Ultrasonic portable flow meter

Flow meters

WEFTEC.15: KROHNE to showcase wide range of water, wastewater products at show

KROHNE has announced that it will showcase a wide range of its water and wastewater products, including its line of analytical sensors, at the 2015...

USGS studies 2015 low snowpack, river flows to forecast future droughts

As part of a low-flow study, hydrologic technicians from the U.S. Geological Survey are currently taking measurements from hundreds of streams and ...


Sonic-Pro® Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Sonic-Pro® Ultrasonic flowmeters available with new T-Track Mounting system. Small pipe capability down to 0.5 inches, large pipe capacity up to 100”. Fast installation. Patents Pending. Nema 4X ...



How Calibration Capabilities helped provide Cleaner Drinking Water

In the spring and early summer, the source water for the newly upgraded Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant in metro Vancouver is mainly snow runoff, which is too low in conductivity for electromagnetic flowmeter (EFM) technology. Ultrasonic flowmeters, thus, became the measurement technology of choice for measuring flow through the ultraviolet (UV) treatment chambers. However, ultrasonic flowmeters needed roughly twice the amount of available upstream straight pipe to achieve the specified accuracies. In a new white paper, KROHNE describes how its ability to calibrate the meters in the designed piping configuration helped the facility overcome this challenge and move forward with ultrasonic metering in the UV process.


To Clamp or Not to Clamp - That is the Question

Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters offer a cost-effective alternative to in...

City of Ventura Sees Increased Productivity and Reduced Expenses

In the face of shrinking budgets and rising fuel costs, several Ventura ...

No Dig, No Doubt: Jacking of Centrifugally Cast GRP Pipes

GRP jacking pipes have gained a firm foothold in trenchless technology w...

Same Day Manhole Repair provides cost savings of 20-30%

Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island needed to replace a manhole because of th...

Portable Parallel Analysis: Streamlining Distribution System Water Testing

One Hach customer used the SL1000 Parallel Portable Analyzer (PPA) to te...


Economics of Industrial Water Reuse

To effectively capture and prepare water for reuse will require a greater level of coordination between municipal agencies (water/wastewater), an understanding of the economic drivers influencing t...

Avoiding trouble and saving money in water distribution operations

Join Bentley's Tom Walski who has worked on these kinds of problems and will point out ways you can take advantage of hydraulic models for better operation of your infrastructure.

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Industrial Water Reuse: Fit-for-Purpose Design to Meet Customer Needs

With greater pressure on operating margins across industries, the range of applications for reclaimed water use continues to expand. From electricity production and chemical production to mineral e...

Improving Safety, Reducing Fuel Costs Through Effective Fleet Management

Effective fleet management helps to improve driver safety, reduce fuel spend, and improve efficiency while providing organizations the insights they need to improve performance. Fleet management in...
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