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Pump testing facility

Primary Flow Signal provides Venturi meters for desalination, RO processes

Primary Flow Signal announced that it has provided a wide range of Venturi meters with varying materials and designs for use in sea and river water...

Product Showcase

Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement System Improves Control at Reading WWTP

Staff at the wastewater treatment plant in the city of Reading, Pa., needed to optimize the digester cycle through constant monitoring of the gas f...

Solving Combined Sewer, Flow Metering Problems with Ultrasonic Meters

The Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), located on the northeast side of Cleveland between Lakeshore Boulevard and Lake Erie, is part of th...


Sonic-Pro® Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Sonic-Pro® Ultrasonic flowmeters available with new T-Track Mounting system. Small pipe capability down to 0.5 inches, large pipe capacity up to 100”. Fast installation. Patents Pending. Nema 4X ...



High Viscosity Polymer Measurement

In water and wastewater treatment facilities, it can be very challenging to measure viscous fluids, such as when polymers are used. It is common to use metering pumps to ensure correct dosage but many utilities are discovering the benefits of high-accuracy Coriolis meters. In a new white paper and video, Krohne discusses the technology and describes how it can help precisely measure polymer doses, which in turn optimizes other plant processes.


Total Error Band. The truth about transducer accuracy.

This white paper describes the benefits of Total Error Band (TEB) accuracy specification over tra...

The Practical Design Approach to Coatings and Liners for the Rehabilitation of Cylindrically-Shaped Manhole Structures

The lack to date of an industry produced design standard for coatings and linings used in the ren...

Demonstrating the Value of CPVC Piping for Pulp and Paper

 The efficiency of paper production processes cannot be overlooked—paper is one of the most ...


Aligning Analytics & Asset Management Strategy: Best Practices for Water Utilities

Managing operations, aging infrastructure, availability of funding and managing capital costs are among the top five concerns cited by U.S. water utilities in a recent survey. But advanced automati...

Top 8 Reasons the Water Industry Should Remanufacture

As the water and wastewater industry moves toward more efficient, solid-state motors and drives, many facilities are turning to remanufacturing to give their electrical equipment new life. In ...
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Metering Simplified

Proper water meter selection is an important role for ones challenged with this responsibility. Typically a variety of different types of meters are needed to efficiently manage a water system and ...
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Automated phosphorus monitoring and treatment control meet highest standards for water protection

In this webcast, sponsored by the Hach Company you will hear about how the utility chose a sophisticated automatic monitoring and control solution, the Real-Time Control System for Phosphorus Remov...
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