Flow meters

McCrometer offers a wide array of flow meter technologies and solutions, including the FPI Mag™, the industry's only multi-electrode, hot tap, full profile insertion electromagnetic flow meter.

Portable velocity flow meter

Hach's new FH950 Portable Velocity Flow Meter with electromagnetic sensor simplifies the velocity measurement process for stream discharge measurements, primary device calibration and sewer spot-ch...

Pipe flow monitoring

Flow Pulse from Pulsar Process Measurement is a compact pipe flow monitor suited for monitoring flow rates in fluid distribution systems, for pump efficiency, in process plants or sewage pumping st...

Ultrasonic flow meter

The PTFM 1.0 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter from Greyline is designed to accurately measure clean liquids like water, oils and chemicals.

Flow, level measurement

With helpful case studies, applications notes and best practices information, the new FCI Flow/Level Measurement Product and Services Catalog CD, Release 13.0, from Fluid Components International (...

Vortex shedding flowmeters

Universal Flow Monitors has added the PROFINET option to its CoolPoint™ Vortex Shedding Flowmeters.

Coriolis mass flowmeter

Krohne offers a Tantalum version of its Optimass 7300 straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter.

Colorimetric analyzer

The AMI Codes-II CC from Swan Analytical is a colorimetric process analyzer for measurement and dosing control of disinfectants such as free chlorine, monochloramine, total residual chlorine and co...

Ultrasonic flow meters

Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, has released its next generation handheld ultrasonic flow meter, the Regal Series RH40.

Flow monitor

Pulsar Process Measurement have launched Flow Pulse, a compact pipe flow monitor suited for monitoring flow rate in fluid distribution systems, for pump efficiency checks, in treatment plants or se...


Sonic-Pro® Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Sonic-Pro® Ultrasonic flowmeters available with new T-Track Mounting system. Small pipe capability down to 0.5 inches, large pipe capacity up to 100”. Fast installation. Patents Pending. Nema 4X ...