Multiparameter analyzer

The Rosemount Analytical 1056 intelligent analyzer from Emerson Process Management is a flexible multiparameter analyzer for a wide range of industrial and municipal applications.

Fracking wastewater radioactivity reduced with acid mine drainage, finds study

A new Duke University study shows acid mine drainage could help reduce radioactivity in wastewater generated from hydraulic fracturing.

Giant underwater waves in South China Ocean studied in new lab experiment

Origins of underwater waves in the South China Sea towering hundreds of feet have been revealed in new large-scale tests.

Tropical Pacific to be studied as major contributor of global climate change

National Center for Atmospheric Research scientists to study climate change in the tropical Pacific affected by high storm activity in the region.

Monitoring and Process Control

The Ultraflow brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow, offering users quick and accurate flow measurement

Drinking water laboratory certified for LT2 compliance testing

Second round testing of Underwriters Laboratorie's drinking water analytical laboratory has been certified in accordance with EPA's LT2 rule.

Sensor cleaner

Analytical Technology's Q-Blast Auto-Clean provides the ideal answer for automatic sensor cleaning.

Acquisition brings water services, sustainability to Latin America

Looking to expand its market leadership in Latin America, NSF International acquired Bioensaios Analysis and Environmental Consulting Laboratory.

Nanocatalysts discovered for cleanup of nitrites in drinking water

Nitrites in drinking water could be diminished with the advent of new nanocatalysts discovered by chemical engineers at Rice University.

Partnership aims to replace iodine as primary dairy farm disinfectant

A HydroClean and MIOX partnership aims to replace iodine as the primary disinfecting agent in disinfection products applied at dairy farms.


PD6801 ProtEX F & I Level Meter

The new ProtEX-F&I PD6801 explosion-proof level meter brings modern design, an easy to read feet and inches display, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world.

Q45H/79 Total Chlorine Monitor

A new total residual chlorine monitor with improved sensitivity and zero stability to ensure that all chemical species are quantified.


The Q45H is available as either a Free Residual Chlorine Monitor or it can be set up to measure Combined Residual Chlorine (chloramines) and does not use reagents.

Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

Whether you need the high-temperature persulfate oxidation method for precise, low-ppb results, or powerful catalytic-combustion technology for salty or dirty samples, OI Analytical provides high-q...