Sulfide-resistant pH sensors monitor sour water in oil/gas refining operations

Engineers and technicians looking for a flexible solution for monitoring sour water containing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) compounds in oil/gas refineries will find ...

Ocean nitrogen from pollution, natural sources causes toxic algae growth, study finds

Nitrogen in ocean waters fuels the growth of two tiny but toxic phytoplankton species harmful to marine life and human health.

Understanding Time Proportional Control

An underused control strategy that offers significant benefits is Time-Proportional Control (TPC). Unlike traditional proportional or even PID control that require a varying output to a modulating ...

Volumetric titrator

JM Science's Aquacounter® Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator (AQV-2200S) has small volume titration cells requiring only 20mL of titration solvent for accurate measurements.

Partnership aims to improve lab management solutions for water, wastewater

WaterTrax has partnered with Accelerated Technology Laboratories to offer full interoperability.

Device manger

Hach has received certification by the FDT Group for its multi-sensor DTM (device type manager), available on and as a free software download for the sc200 Universal Controller with Profibus DP.

Multiparameter analyzer

The Rosemount Analytical 1056 intelligent analyzer from Emerson Process Management is a flexible multiparameter analyzer for a wide range of industrial and municipal applications.

Sensors, analyzers

Liquid Analytical Resource had introduced the Chemitec line of sensors and analyzers.


The new HF scientific HF-38 Fluorimeter is an extremely sensitive, hand-held, ruggedized instrument designed for field testing of toxic heavy metal contaminates in water supplies.

Laboratory testing

WesTech offers complete laboratory testing facilities to assist in project planning.


PD6801 ProtEX F & I Level Meter

The new ProtEX-F&I PD6801 explosion-proof level meter brings modern design, an easy to read feet and inches display, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world.


The Q45H is available as either a Free Residual Chlorine Monitor or it can be set up to measure Combined Residual Chlorine (chloramines) and does not use reagents.

Q45H/79 Total Chlorine Monitor

A new total residual chlorine monitor with improved sensitivity and zero stability to ensure that all chemical species are quantified.

Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer

The Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer processes aqueous samples for analysis of the total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) content of the samples.