Laboratory Management: Integrated Sampling the Key to Safe Water Supply

Water suppliers around the world are using Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to integrate the sample collection and analysis process, helping to maximize the efficiency of these prog...

Reagent-less Membrane Sensors Help Streamline Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring panels continuously monitor five water quality parameters selected by the Philadelphia Water Department. The panels are factory assembled and delivered to monitoring sites ...

Dechlorination chemicals

Integra Chemical's Vita-D-Chlor tablets use vitamin C chemistry.

pH recording system

Analytical Measurements offers a new microprocessor-based pH indicator controller that when connected to a circular chart provides a complete monitoring and recording system for wastewater.

TOC analysis

The Sievers 5310 C Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers simplify TOC monitoring of raw and finished drinking water for USEPA compliance reporting and plant optimization.

Solar-powered nanofilters could help clean contaminated waterways

Scientists have developed solar-powered nanofilters that help remove antibiotics from the water in lakes and rivers.

New partnership to offer UCMR3 sampler training

Eurofins Eaton Analytical has partnered with American Water College to offer no-cost UCMR3 sampler training. 

WI wastewater treatment plant recognized as 2013 Registered Laboratory of the Year

The Department of Natural Resources has recognized the City of Watertown’s Wastewater Treatment Plant as the 2013 Registered Laboratory of the Year.

pH, ORP transmitter

The Burkert transmitter Type 8202 is a compact and modular device specially designed for measuring the pH or ORP value of fluids.

Factors to consider when comparing oil-in-water testing methods

There are a variety of factors to consider when comparing methods to measure oil and grease in water.


PD6801 ProtEX F & I Level Meter

The new ProtEX-F&I PD6801 explosion-proof level meter brings modern design, an easy to read feet and inches display, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world.

Q45H/79 Total Chlorine Monitor

A new total residual chlorine monitor with improved sensitivity and zero stability to ensure that all chemical species are quantified.


The Q45H is available as either a Free Residual Chlorine Monitor or it can be set up to measure Combined Residual Chlorine (chloramines) and does not use reagents.

Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

Whether you need the high-temperature persulfate oxidation method for precise, low-ppb results, or powerful catalytic-combustion technology for salty or dirty samples, OI Analytical provides high-q...