Hybrid Desalination: The Best of Both Worlds?

Like many new technological ideas, it took over 20 years to see hybrid systems implemented on a large scale and adopted by the desalination industry, today primarily located in the Middle East Gulf...

Steel Membranes: Testing the Mettle in the Metal

The market for traditional polymeric-based ultrafiltration (UF ) and microfiltration (MF) membranes first took off in water and wastewater applications in 1998.

Desalination to account for 35% of membrane market

Global desalination will account for 35% of the $11 billion membrane market next year, driven by reuse and the necessity for pre-filter systems, according to a market update...

VIDEO: Desalination news round-up

Check out the latest global desalination news from the last two weeks...

World News

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has selected 115 applicants to receive grants totalling $91 million from the Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater (SAW) program.

Is the right to water wrong?

The Republic of Ireland and Detroit in the US have both faced mass protests over water tariffs. How should utilities handle the issue?

Desalination plant in Sfax, Tunisia to be tendered shortly

Tunisia’s national water company, Sonede, is expected to launch its tender for the construction of its 150,000 m3/day desalination plant in Sfax in May 2015...

Case Study: DC five-star hotel overcomes cooling tower sludge issues with advanced sand filter

The Mandarin Oriental, located in Washington D.C., installed Sonitec's Vortisand filter to help resolve a major cooling tower sludge problem.

Projection software

Ozone-enhanced filtration system


Membrane BioReactor (MBR)

The Membrane BioReactor (MBR) is a state of the art pre-engineered sewage treatment system utilizing Pure Aqua’s water treatment expertise with Toray’s submerged membrane technology. The membrane s...

Ultrafiltration Systems

Pure Aqua, Inc. manufactures a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. UF is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) fro...


Toray's membrane models for membrane bioreactors are using flat-sheet PVDF membranes and can be configured for gravity-driven or suction-controlled operation.


ROPUR RPI® Antiscalants provide maximum Reverse Osmosis plant performances while keeping membranes safe. RPI® Antiscalants are NSF / KIWA certified high quality chemicals manufactured under ISO 90...
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