Tiny Treatment, Big Solutions: Nanoscience Offers Potential to Enhance Water Purification Techniques

Once considered a farfetched notion, nanotechnology is now a reality and is starting to be incorporated into different treatment applications, including membranes and adsorbents and processes like ...

Diffuser system

SchreiberFLEX membrane air diffusers feature a unique, patented design for fine bubble aeration.

$2m desalination plant set for Escondida mine in Chile

A new 2.5 m3/second seawater desalination facility is being built to provide water to BHP Billiton’s Escondida mine in Chile, at an investment of US$1,972 million...

Cadagua selects ERI for SWRO retrofit in Spain

Spanish water firm Cadagua has retrofitted its 140,000 m3/day Valdelentisco desalination plant in Murcia with technology from Energy Recovery Inc. (ERI)...

Zero Liquid Discharge claims by Chinese coal company are false – Greenpeace

Operations by China’s largest coal miner, Shenua Group, have reduced groundwater levels and seen the illegal dumping of “toxic industrial wastewater”, environmental campaign group Greenpeace has sa...

AZ water treatment plant recognized for advanced filtration technology

An Ak-Chin Indian Community's surface water treatment plant received the 2013 Water Project of the Year Award by AZ Water Association.


Technology Round-up: Membrane Treatment

Collection of product and news announcements focused on Membrane Treatment

Solar Powered Water Desalination Heats Up in Chile

Solar powered water desalination has the potential to dramatically increase access to fresh water in many arid locations. As a solar powered desalination plant opens in Chile - what are the challen...

Modular Desalination: Small Packages, Big Energy Gains?

The growing demand for smaller desalination systems has led to a number of companies developing containerized systems.

SWRO and Wastewater Redesign to help Hong Kong Reduce Water Reliance on China

Reliant upon China's Dongjiang river basin for the bulk of its water supply, Hong Kong is making plans for a new desalination plant after decommissioning its thermal site over 30 years ago.


Membrane BioReactor (MBR)

The Membrane BioReactor (MBR) is a state of the art pre-engineered sewage treatment system utilizing Pure Aqua’s water treatment expertise with Toray’s submerged membrane technology. The membrane s...

Ultrafiltration Systems

Pure Aqua, Inc. manufactures a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. UF is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) fro...


Toray's membrane models for membrane bioreactors are using flat-sheet PVDF membranes and can be configured for gravity-driven or suction-controlled operation.


Toray UF/MF membrane models for drinking water production and RO pretreatment.