Product Focus: Elevated Tank Design Offers Unique Municipal Water Storage Solution

When comparing elevated water tank designs for a project located in the community of McComas, W.Va., Stafford Consultants selected a premier elevated design offered by Tank Connection. Called the &...

Automation Aids Water Utilities' Asset Management Abilities

As infrastructure and assets age, a utility's asset maintenance workload continues to increase, unlike the resources available with which to do the work. That said, "making do" and employ...

DOI awards Ameresco ESPC contract for energy, water conservation

The U.S. Department of the Interior has awarded a $77-million Energy Savings Performance Contract to Ameresco to implement water conservation and energy-efficiency measures and ongoing energy manag...

ACPA raises record funding for concrete pipe research, education projects

The American Concrete Pipe Association has announced that more than $140,000 was raised at its annual fundraising auction, benefitting the ACPA Research & Education Foundation.

Tank Connection announces first employee stock ownership plan

Tank Connection has officially announced that it will adopt an employee stock ownership plan this month.

SFPUC completes new seismic upgrades to Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission of California has announced the completion of a $278-million project to improve the seismic and operational reliability of the Harry Tracy Water Treatm...

NJ American Water to resume treating water with chloramines in six counties

On Wednesday, April 15, New Jersey American Water will resume the use of chloramines (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia) to treat water at its Canal Road and Raritan Millstone Water Treatment Plants.

Neptune-Benson announces acquisition of Sonitec Vortisand

Neptune Benson has officially announced the acquisition of Sonitec Vortisand Inc.

Butterfly Valves

Belt clip receiver


Aston Evaporative Services

Aston Evaporative Services offers a revolutionary patented technology designed to solve global water evaporation conc...

Landpower Solar Technology Co Ltd

William Frick & Co

Manufactures curb and storm drain markers, flexible and domed marker posts, buried warning tape, custom labels and si...

Uticom Systems Inc

Designs, engineers and manufactures graphics for harsh environments. Pipe markers, valve tags, hydrant markers, safet...



Used to combat disinfection byproducts (DBPS) in chloramination and to neutralize acids. Built with rugged materials ...

William Frick & Co

Manufactures curb and storm drain markers, flexible and domed marker posts, buried warning tape, custom labels and si...

Landpower Solar Technology Co Ltd

FLO-DAR® AV Sensor

Using advanced digital Doppler radar velocity-sensing technology, along with ultrasonic level-sensing, the FLO-DAR pr...

Flex-Pro® A2 Peristaltic Metering Pump

Flex-Pro® A2 Peristaltic technology at an affordable price; self-priming, valve-less design cannot vapor lock; near c...
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