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ADEQ's first solar-powered groundwater cleanup project completed

Officials from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality announced that the agency has completed its first groundwater remediation project using solar energy in an instrumental role and saved...

Xylem to expand rental bank of high-head pumps

Xylem is expanding its bank of Godwin high-head dewatering pumps to cater for increased rental demand for these water removal pumps, giving customers the option to choose from an additional 20 asse...

Going Underground: Filtration Structure Key Component of Large Hotel Stormwater Management System

Adding a large-volume filtration structure to each of the two underground retention/detention systems for a new hotel in the city of Wilmington, Del., enhanced the ability of controlling pollutants...

New eLearning course on electromagnetic flowmeters now available

KROHNE has introduced a new eLearning course, "Electromagnetic Flowmeters," on its learning platform, KROHNE Academy online.

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Upgrade to Europe's largest wastewater treatment plant to include submersible pumps

Xylem has won a significant contract to supply its Flygt brand submersible pumps and monitoring and control technology as part of a project to upgrade Europe's largest (and the world's second large...



Used to combat disinfection byproducts (DBPS) in chloramination and to neutralize acids. Built with rugged materials designed to resist the effects...

Landpower Solar Technology Co Ltd

William Frick & Co

Manufactures curb and storm drain markers, flexible and domed marker posts, buried warning tape, custom labels and signs, barcodes, valve tags and ...

FLO-DAR® AV Sensor

Using advanced digital Doppler radar velocity-sensing technology, along with ultrasonic level-sensing, the FLO-DAR provides highly-accurate flow da...

Flex-Pro® A2 Peristaltic Metering Pump

Flex-Pro® A2 Peristaltic technology at an affordable price; self-priming, valve-less design cannot vapor lock; near continuous output; maximum feed...