Biofilter Array Ends Odor Complaints From Sewage Transfer Line

Management at Jefferson County (AL) Environmental Services reports it has solved a long-running odor problem by tapping a 30,000 cfm-capacity biofilter array into a 14 mgd average, 55 mgd maximum s...

City Orders New Odor Control System

Colorado Springs is building a 20-mgd wastewater treatment plant in the center of town. In this locale, not only must the plant be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also have the best in odor con...


Biocube's Pentpack biofiltration systems use a patented, compost-based biological media that has proven to be effective in municipal odor control.

David Schaaf joins Purafil, Inc. as engineering & manufacturing manager

Purafil, Inc., announced that it has hired David Schaaf for the position of engineering & manufacturing manager.

City of Colorado Springs selects USFilter odor control system for wastewater upgrade

Colorado Springs is building a 20-mgd wastewater treatment plant in the center of town.

Biocube receives funding to expand biofiltration odor control markets

Biocube, LLC is pleased to announce that it has closed on a round of equity from a group of Western New York private investors.


Novozymes Biologicals has introduced a new product for the control of sulfide odors. The product, BI-Chem® DP 110, can metabolize reduced sulfur compounds thereby controlling the malodors they...

Aquator Group Ltd. to sell Purafil ESD odor control systems

Purafil Environmental Systems Division (ESD) has partnered with the Aquator Group Ltd. to help water and wastewater treatment plants in the United Kingdom and Ireland comply with proposed odor cont...

Key Options Help Control Odor in Municipal Biosolids

The motivating forces behind most treatment and disposal of biosolids for any environmental management process are regulatory compliance and cost reduction.

USFilter sues to protect its odor control system patent

USFilter Friday announced it has commenced suit against Met-Pro Corporation (Met-Pro) alleging that Duall odor control systems infringe two patents owned by USFilter.


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