Key Options Help Control Odor in Municipal Biosolids

The motivating forces behind most treatment and disposal of biosolids for any environmental management process are regulatory compliance and cost reduction.

USFilter sues to protect its odor control system patent

USFilter Friday announced it has commenced suit against Met-Pro Corporation (Met-Pro) alleging that Duall odor control systems infringe two patents owned by USFilter.

Biocube announces North American marketing program with Bioteg, LLC for new manhole biofilter

Biocube Inc. has announced an agreement to market a new line of manhole, force main, and vent pipe biofilters, designed and manufactured by Bioteg GmbH, a German biofilter company.

Insertable Filtration System Controls Manhole Odors

Odor complaints from manholes are a familiar problem, especially in receiving or drop manholes. The most common component of odor in sewer gas is hydrogen sulfide with lesser concentrations of othe...

Met-Pro Corp. receives order totaling $1.5 million for first major odor control system in China

Met-Pro Corp. has received an order to supply six odor control scrubber systems to the Nanjing Municipal Water Co., Ltd., in China.

Met-Pro Corporation, Duall Division receives odor control system orders totaling about $530,000

Met-Pro Corporation's Duall Division announced it has received three orders for odor control systems totaling approximately $530,000. All systems are expected to be installed in the company's third...

Utility Turns to Mineral Product for Odor Control By Drake Johnson

The Brazos River Authority, part of the Waco (TX) Metropolitan Regional Sewage System, has begun using a new odor control treatment process that features a mineral product which is approximately 60...

Pima County, Ariz., makes second equipment order for 2-phase municipal odor control project

Pima County, Arizona, has placed a second order with Met-Pro Corp. for a two-phase project aimed at odor control.

Products and Services: Odor Control

Bionomic Industries has announced the availability of its new VentClean System for scrubbing storage tank vent emissions caused by tank breathing and filling operations.

New Products

Eurotherm Chessell has announced the availability of its new three channel analog input module for the IOS 2500 Controller. The A13 module sources individually isolated loop power for two wire tran...