Case Study: Spiral-wound pipe rehabilitation keeps water flowing in Fort Worth, Texas

The storm drain system that serves downtown Fort Worth, Texas, recently developed voids in some locations, affectING its structural integrity. SAK ...

Baltimore grants $18.8M contract for wastewater pipeline rehab project

More than 58,000 feet of small-, medium- and large-diameter cured-in-place pipe will soon be installed in residential neighborhoods across the Unio...

New pipeline training, test loop facility opens in Houston

A Greene's Energy Group pipeline training and test loop operations facility has recently opened in Houston, Texas.

Baltimore to receive miles of cured-in-place pipe in wastewater pipelines

The city of Baltimore, MD, will receive nearly seven miles of small- and medium-diameter cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) in wastewater pipelines located...

Pipeline coating project at African water utility helps thwart corrosion, contamination

A major project has been completed for Africa Pipe Industries by PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, which has suppled internal and external coatin...


What Makes an Effective Odor Control Cover System Design?

A common side effect of wastewater treatment processes is the unpleasant odor that can linger nea...

Inline Sludge Screens – Municipal and Industrial Applications

How do I remove screenings from my sludge? Even when screens are installed at the head of a treat...

Model Development, Calibration and Simulation of the Continuous-Flow Sequencing Reactor for BNR Applications

The complexity of biological activities and the number of process variables important to nutrient...




Get More From Your Data

In this webinar the presenters will discuss ways for the utility to get the most value from its data by sharing it both between the field and office and across the various departments in the utility.