Tapped In: Hot Tapping System Offers Extended Size Diameter Range

A new hot tapping product recently introduced to the water market is geared toward reducing inventory and simplifying the pipe installer's job. A single size shell eliminates the need to carry mult...

HDPE pipe fusion

McElroy has published a new edition of its polyethylene pipe fusion catalog and reference guide.

Friendly Competition: Teams tap into the rewards of working hard and playing harder

Pipe tapping teams from across the country will converge on Denver for ACE13. The pipe-tapping competition has become one of the most popular and entertaining attractions at the show.

Trenchless rehab

The fully structural CIPP liner Nordipipe™, offered by SPR (Sekisui Pipe Renewal) Americas, is available for installation lengths up to 1,000' and diameters up to 48".

Restraint coupling

Romac has introduced the Alpha, a wide range, ductile iron coupling that also provides restraint.

Piercing tool

The Grundomat piercing tool from TT Technologies bores consistently on target.

Fusible PVC pipe

With over 1,000 miles of Fusible PVC™ pipe installed, fused PVC pipe is one of the fastest growing infrastructure technologies in North America.

Depth Perception: Corrugated Pipe Meets Deep Burial Requirements for Stormwater Drainage Line

The city of Chandler, AZ, chose corrugated HDPE pipe for a recent stormwater drainage line under a busy intersection. Made from an engineered grade of polypropylene resin, the pipe is designed to h...

Earthquake-resilient pipeline to keep water flowing to Los Angeles

Southern California will benefit from water lines that will bend and move rather than snap and rupture in an earthquake.

Asset Management: Using Alternative Materials to Address Replacement Cost and Maintenance Concerns

In the 21st century, water utility management professionals for both water and sewer systems strive to implement asset management programs in order to better manage their aging wet infrastructure.