Flooded Argentina oil refinery receives restoration with dewatering pumps

A recently-flooded oil refinery outide the city of La Plata in Argentina has been restored thanks to the application of specialized dewatering pump...

Ontario WWTPs adopt new stators to increase pump life

Hamilton, Ontario has implemented new stators for its wastewater treatment plants as a means to increase pump life in the facilities.

A Rewarding Restoration: Submersible Pump Replacement at IN Lift Station Cuts Repair Costs, Improves Performance

The Cedar Cove lift station in Fishers, Ind., had two unreliable submersible pumps that were frequently failing due to clogging and seal damage. As...

Pump Slump? Considerations for Upgrading Drive-Ends on Pumps

An upgraded pump benefits water processors and water consumers alike. Further, upgraded pumps avoid risk areas in the mechanical portion commonly c...

Damage Control: Avoiding Destructive Water Hammer Conditions

Water hammer is a destructive force that can exist in any pumping installation where the rate of flow changes abruptly for various reasons. It is t...

Downtown Miami to expand sewer system capacity with new contract

Miami Dade County awarded a contract to Poole & Kent Company of Florida, a subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc., for construction of Master Pump Sta...


What Makes an Effective Odor Control Cover System Design?

A common side effect of wastewater treatment processes is the unpleasant odor that can linger nea...

Inline Sludge Screens – Municipal and Industrial Applications

How do I remove screenings from my sludge? Even when screens are installed at the head of a treat...

Model Development, Calibration and Simulation of the Continuous-Flow Sequencing Reactor for BNR Applications

The complexity of biological activities and the number of process variables important to nutrient...

Featured Video: Coastal Community Cleans Up Its Act with Masterflex Pumps

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Get More From Your Data

In this webinar the presenters will discuss ways for the utility to get the most value from its data by sharing it both between the field and office and across the various departments in the utility.