Southeast Asia coal mine operation aided by electric submersible pumps

Phonesak anthracite coal mine in Laos of Southeast Asiato continue operations in monsoon season with help from Atlas Copco WEDA pumps.

Bearing Burdens: Reducing Lubrication Contaminants to Improve Bearing Life, Lifecycle Costs

In past columns, I've addressed various issues related to pump reliability, with lubricant contamination often taken for granted; however, being the second leading cause of pump failures (with mech...

Submersible pumps to create white water for UK kayaking

Bedford Pumps to supply submersible axial pump sets to UK's Pinkston Water Sports Centre to create white water for kayaking purposes.

China adopts Landia pumps, mixers for two new WWTPs

Gullin, China chose Landia's flowmakers, mixers and recirculation pumps for two new wastewater treatment plants being built in the city.

New pump station installed at major England storage, distribution company

Landia introduced a new pump station for its neighbor Grocontinental to handle wastewater and yard runoff at the Whitchurch site.

VIDEO: Russian water utility completes upgrades in Leningrad with more to come

A Russian water utility has completed a project to upgrade three pumping stations and introduce chemical phosphorous removal in Leningrad Obla, Northwest Russia.

Pumping services station in PA offers sludge, sewerage solutions

The opening of a new major pumping services station from APSCO was recently announced and has been established in Aston, Pa.

Diverting Flow: Bypass Pumps Employed in SC Gravity Sewer Line Rehabilitation

The installation of bypass pumps helped divert flows up to 30 million gallons per day during the reconstruction of a debilitated large-diameter sewer line in Columbia, S.C.

Power Precautions: Analyzing Pump Startup and Shutdown Best Practices

Many important factors should be considered during pump transient conditions, such as startups and/or shutdowns, to help minimize the pressure and power stresses related to those processes.

Aeration system

Landia's AirJet system can aerate thicker sludge than other systems.