Security Devices Help Secure Automation Networks

United Water operates and manages water and wastewater systems that serve about 7 million people across the US. Over the past 30 years the company has used a variety of methods to connect to remote...

FreeWave, Rockwell to design SCADA system to address water management issues

BOULDER, CO, May 2, 2011 -- FreeWave Technologies and Rockwell Automation are collaborating on a new initiative to design and implement a comprehensive SCADA system solution to tackle growing issue...

SCADA vulnerabilities discovered by researcher

Mar. 23, 2011 -- Earlier this week, an Italian researcher released attack code exploiting a number of vulnerabilities found in a handful of SCADA systems...

RTU, SCADA contract in New Zealand awarded to Semaphore

LAKE MARY, FL, Mar. 22, 2011 -- Semaphore will supply 370 remote terminal units (RTUs) over the next 3 years, along with master telemetry units (MTUs), Ethernet UHF radios, and associated equipment...

New Carrier Ethernet Network Improves Utilities' Communication

Sun Prairie Utilities is a locally owned and operated municipal utility offering electric, water and telecom services to more than 13,500 customers throughout Sun Prairie, WI.

Real-Time Control Optimizes Extended Aeration Processes

The population of Hillsborough County, FL, has doubled since the Valrico advanced wastewater treatment plant (AWTP) was built in 1990 to treat the sewage of several small communities west of the Ci...

New Control System Simplifies Access to Distribution System Data

With tighter regulations and economic issues on the rise, water districts are under increasing pressure to find ways to better manage their SCADA system assets.

IT Device Monitoring Helps Support Automation Efficiency

In 2004, a Patent was issued for the first Industrial SNMP Driver to deliver a, "System and method for integrating process control and network management."

Mining Runoff Treatment Gets SCADA Solution

Upgrade to Opto 22 SNAP PAC System at Colorado’s Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel proves key to monitoring & controlling water treatment processes

GE, FANUC to dissolve joint venture

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Aug. 17, 2009 -- GE and FANUC announced today that the two companies have agreed to dissolve the GE Fanuc Automation Corporation joint venture...




the MM-IM is able to act as a gateway between various site SCADA equipment and Masters and has the new SAV2 extension to DNP3, it supports WITS functionality.