Product Focus: Web-Enabled System Offers Improved Disinfection Control

Over the past few years, web-enabled controllers have been developed that have the ability to control the disinfection process, datalog, and remotely alarm when the system is out of the control ran...

Dosing Units Ease Transition to Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection

Operations management for a municipal water filtration plant reports a successful change in chlorination systems that will continued to provide for effective disinfection, while better meeting safe...

Tri-Tech secures $1.42M flash flood and river hydrologic monitoring contracts

Tri-Tech Holding Inc. announced that it has secured contracts for flash flood early warning and small river hydrologic monitoring projects in two China provinces.

Web-Based Software Provides Cross-Platform Compatibility

Replacing a full supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system is a big undertaking. The SCADA system at Western Municipal Water District’s southern California wastewater plant was no lon...

Cloud-Based Scada Offers Alternatives to Traditional Systems

Cloud-based SCADA is an alternative for the water and wastewater industry. It can help utilities limit the need for hardware and software purchases, installation and maintenance. A cloud-based serv...

Telvent, Industrial Defender team up on cybersecurity for SCADA, ADMS solutions

Telvent GIT has partnered with Industrial Defender to expand its cybersecurity capabilities within Telvent's key utility and critical infrastructure solutions...

Power quality systems

Schneider Electric will exhibit its power quality systems at WEFTEC.

Insertion Flow Meter

The Cla-Val Model X144 e-FlowMeter is a vortex shedding insertion flow meter designed to be retrofitted into a Cla-Val Automatic Control Valve to capture accurate flow measurement data without the ...

Automation controls

Mitsubishi Electric Automation will be exhibiting its MC-Works SCADA solutions, Programmable Automation Controller platform and energy efficient variable frequency drives at WEFTEC.

Smart water grid expansion in Brazil for Sensus

Water smart grid technology provider Sensus has acquired a 15% equity position in Brazilian smart grid vendor CAS Tecnologia...




the MM-IM is able to act as a gateway between various site SCADA equipment and Masters and has the new SAV2 extension to DNP3, it supports WITS functionality.