Legislation on wastewater residue disposal spurs adoption of global sludge treatment systems

Stringent legislations on wastewater residue disposal have fuelled investments in the global sludge treatment market.

New sludge dewatering pumps used at Danish wastewater treatment plant

Mono’s EZstrip technology has been highlighted at a Danish wastewater treatment plant for a sludge dewatering process. 

Sludge treatment

OpenCEL's focused pulse sludge pre-treatment systems enhance anaerobic digester performance and provide supplemental carbon addition to be used for denitrification.

Biosolids Land Application Offers Sustainable Solution

Oklahoma City’s 18,000-acre permitted cropland biosolids reuse program has helped reduced sludge disposal costs and provides local farmers with a soil amendment at zero cost to the landowner.

Electric mixers

GridBee® GF electric mixers can displace 30 to 50 horsepower of aeration run-time, improve regulatory compliance and control odors.

Membrane bioreactor

Aquatech has developed its Aqua-EMBR enhanced membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment.

Synagro recognized for environmental stewardship in biosolid composting

Synagro’s South Kern Composting Manufacturing Facility received the Silver Level Recognition for its Biosolids Management Program.

Sludge sampling

The AMS Multi-Stage Sampler (MSS) is an ideal choice for collecting samples up to four feet in thickness.

Disc filter: Kruger Inc.

Hydrotech Discfilters from Kruger offer high filtration capacity, low energy usage, and a very small footprint.

Aquatech expands wastewater treatment solutions portfolio with new membrane bioreactor

Aquatech has developed Aqua-EMBR enhanced membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment.




Gravabelt Gravity Belt Thickeners reduce sludge volume of biosolids and waste activated sludge and produce a pumpable concentrate for dewatering, treatment, or transport.