Joint venture opens FL bioset facility for sludge, biosolids reuse

Schwing Bioset and Biosolids Distribution Services opened a FL regional bioset facility to turn outside biosolids into a Class AA/EQ material.

San Diego water operations to be streamlined by CH2M HILL consulting contract

San Diego Public Utilities Department awarded CH2M HILL to provide optimization services to streamline the city's water operations.

Thames Water to generate 1 MW at Crawley after Cambi THP upgrade

Utility Thames Water’s plans to install thermal hydrolysis THP process plants at six of its main sewage works will see it partner with Norwegian firm Cambi...

China adopts Landia pumps, mixers for two new WWTPs

Gullin, China chose Landia's flowmakers, mixers and recirculation pumps for two new wastewater treatment plants being built in the city.

First algae harvest at wastewater biofuel All-gas project in Spain

The EU-backed All-gas project, in southern Spain, claimed to be the largest in the world to convert algae into energy using wastewater, has successfully grown its first crop of algae biomass at its...

Breeding Better Bugs: Is Tiny Bacterium the Next Big Thing in Nitrogen Removal?

Anammox, a microbial process of the nitrogen cycle, directly converts ammonium to nitrogen gas, requiring no organic carbon and minimal use of energy, and is gaining a lot of traction in wastewater...

Oxygen injection system

The SOLVOX® process from Linde North America injects 100% oxygen (O2) in water to efficiently decrease BOD and dissolve organics and odors.

Oxidation ditch

The Orbal® multichannel oxidation ditch from Siemens, as a complete mixed, looped reactor system, is well-suited for conventional activated sludge, advanced secondary sludge treatment, simultaneous...

Major WI wastewater treatment plant requests $4.5M in upgrades

The village of Elmood, Wis., has requested a $4.5 million upgrade to a major WWTP from the Department of Natural Resources.

Motion control, power transmission

Altra Industrial Motion's new brochure provides wastewater engineers and technical professionals with an overview of the wide array of power transmission and motion control solutions offered by Alt...




Gravabelt Gravity Belt Thickeners reduce sludge volume of biosolids and waste activated sludge and produce a pumpable concentrate for dewatering, treatment, or transport.