Pressure relief valve

Ball valve

Technology Review: Filtration Systems

After comprehensive review, Perk Filter received a total phosphorous removal efficiency of 50% as required by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and has been added to Virginia Stormw...

The Big Question: Automation

In view of restricted budgets, can optimum process control and automation be achieved with limited funds?

Control panels

Break-off plugs

Show Preview: POWER-GEN International

POWER-GEN International, one of the largest power industry conferences and exhibitions in the country, will be held this year on Dec. 9-11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., a...

Quarter-turn valves

Butterfly valve

Pressure regulating valve


William Frick & Co

Manufactures curb and storm drain markers, flexible and domed marker posts, buried warning tape, custom labels and signs, barcodes, valve tags and more.


Sodium Hypochlorite off gasses at a much higher rate in high concentrations than it does at low concentrations. Dilution can help eliminate vapor-locked pumps, exploding ball valves and liquid/gas ...

ProFlex Rubber Check Valves Series 700

The Proco Series 700 rubber check valves are a cost effective way to control back pressure from effluent operations. Offered as direct replacements for ineffective and maintenance-ridden flap type ...

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRSM)

The Pressure Reducing Valve with Integral Back-Up has a built-in independent backup system. If the primary diaphragm is damaged or fails, the secondary system kicks in automatically ensuring uninte...
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